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Michael comes in and kills all the witches except Cordelia, Mallory, and Myrtle. They escape and team up with Coco and Madison to figure out a way to stop Michael, this time they choose time travel. Cordelia first tries to save the other witches but Michael destroys their souls so they can't be brought back to life.

They test if Mallory is able to possess that skill by sending her to Siberia in 1918 to stop the Romanoff family from being killed off by helping Anastasia who was also a witch.

Mallory almost manages it, but at the last second fails. This proves that they can't simply stop Michael anymore. 

Meanwhile, Michael doesn't know what the next step is for him so Jeff and Mutt use Mead to convince him to hear them out. They reveal to him that The Cooperative is just code for The Illuminati. The most powerful people in the world are members, and Michael has to talk to them about creating an apocalypse and starting over.

They have all sold their souls to Satan, so they follow his instructions right away. He promises them that they will all survive because it will be an exclusive few who will pay to be protected. 

American Horror Story
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American Horror Story Season 8 Episode 9 Quotes

Math is way more powerful than magic.


Mead: Michael, this sounds like the plot of Omen 3. Is this where you're getting your ideas?
Michael: Well I don't know where else to look.