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Cordelia tells Michael that everyone working with him is now gone. She also makes it clear that he won't be able to just bring back Mead because she hid her soul and only she can unlock it. 

Michael breaks down, walking through the woods endlessly until he comes to a meeting of Satan supporters. There a woman sees him and offers him food. At her house, they discuss how she sold her soul to the devil and Michael reveals that he is the person they are all waiting for.

The group is trying to do horrible things to bring about the end of days and basically bring Michael out. He demonstrates that he is already there and kills two good people in a ritual. This proves to them who he is and they blindly begin to follow him. 

Michael gets brought to two robotic engineers, which are possibly Mr. Gallant and Brock. They do have different identities here though, and Venable is working with them there. They are all different versions of themselves but Jeff and Mutt want to help recreate Mead for Michael. This way we get to see how she was created, and she immediately recognizes Michael when she wakes up. 

American Horror Story
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