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Michael is deciding who will survive, and he shares a moment with Mallory where he can feel that she has something inside of her. She unleashes powers that she didn't know she had, and Michael reveals his true face to her in the process. 

Venable and Mead talk about Mead's past, with her mentioning past memories that she had and thoughts of raising a young blonde boy. She isn't sure where this comes from or who controls her, but she is loyal to Venable. 

When mysterious apples arrive at the Outpost. Venable and Mead decide to poison all the apples and feed them to everyone. They all die and they can then get rid of Michael and find The Sanctuary.

Brock, Coco's boyfriend, actually survived the end of the world. He comes across other survivors who don't know about the shelter, kills them and sneaks in with the horse carriage with apples into the shelter. 

He finds Coco and kills her. 

Venable tricks everyone into preparing for a Halloween party, they all eat the apples and end up dying.

But when Venable tells Mead to kill Michael she shoots Venable instead. Michael reveals that the apple plan was his and that he programmed her. She reminds him of someone who raised him, and he reveals to her all the things he couldn't yet.

With everyone dead, Cordelia, Madison, and Myrtle appear. They save Coco, Mallory, and Dinah who they refer to as their sisters. Madison asks Mallory if she is surprised to see her, revealing that they must have some sort of past together. 

American Horror Story
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