American Horror Story Season 8 Episode 3 Review: Forbidden Fruit

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There is something about the Halloween season that allows for caution to truly be thrown to the wind.

Outpost #3 learns this in a deadly way when Venable and Mead decide to secure their places in the Sanctuary. A few apples turned into a disgusting scene all around, with everyone dead within minutes.

This was a surprisingly brilliant idea in the way that it set the stakes, it truly cemented that no one was safe anymore in that shelter.

All of this was even more sinister when Brock finds a way in as well, proving that survival is possible but also that with him around there is no telling what there is to worry about now.

During American Horror Story Season 8 Episode 3, the witches from the coven return just as everyone is killed off. It turns out that Coco, Mallory, and Dinah are possibly all witches as well. They are saved because Cordelia, Madison, and Myrtle consider them their sisters and there is even some history between two of the people in that room.

Michael also drops a major bomb on Mead, opening up to her about how he is responsible for her code and that she is actually very important to him. 

Scenes From "Forbidden Fruit" - American Horror Story

"Forbidden Fruit" written by Manny Coto did an extraordinary job of setting up one of the very well awaited returns of iconic Coven characters. Before they could appear though, the destruction of everything in the Outpost had to be executed in a way that made it clear that the stakes were getting raised.

It gave some insight into background details like Mallory's growing powers and Mead's interesting past, while not making it feel like it took too much away from the central events of the story. 

Halloween is always a setting that American Horror Story excels around, it knows how to use the energy from the holiday and turn it into the terrifying TV show with no limits. 

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The Enemy of the Enemy

Michael Langdon continues to surprise us, specifically because there is no telling sometimes how he is meant to be received. 

Murder House left it off with a very clear picture, this little boy was pure evil and he was destined to be in the middle of utter chaos. This is exactly where he ended up during the end of the world, but sometimes it isn't clear if he truly is as invincible as he builds himself up to be.

His presence gives off this vibe like he is the ultimate villain, and yet there are moments when it starts to feel like he is still representing someone even more sinister. 

There is obviously the Cooperative that is mentioned, he is the one in charge and even though Michael has access to him, it does seem like he answers to this person. That already makes it clear that there is an even bigger fish in this toxic pond, and this mysterious leader is yet to be revealed.

I've never been a fan of getting my hands dirty, I learned that from my father.


Then there come times, like when Michael showed off his true self to Mallory, that redefines the idea that he is truly the devil. And who could be worse than that?

The question of if the Sanctuary even exists is for another day, but all these games that were essentially rendered useless come off as such a misdirection by Michael. 

With Cordelia, Madison, and Myrtle arriving on the scene, it is possible that they can become enemies to him. He could control Venable, as seen with the way Mead was playing a role he carved out for her this whole time.

But that can't be applied to these witches, who now only don't need the promise of a better shelter, but who also might have a plan to bring Earth back instead of focusing on how to move on from here. 

Michael Reveals Himself - American Horror Story Season 8 Episode 3

This would probably mean that Michael's leadership could be questioned, a good idea in disguise if you consider the details we may learn about him from there.

He is dropping hints all the time, but it isn't always that simple to piece together. Like with Mead, it was like he was referring to Constance raising him, but what if someone else did?

It subverts all the ideas that came from the end of Murder House, and it opens the door for a whole new story to have unfolded once Constance came home to find what Michael did to the nanny at the very end. 

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They Come In Colors

With everyone dead in what was the most shockingly well-executed murder plan, there was room for the crossover to be put into motion.

The most surprising part about the witches returning is the way that they immediately knew that three of their "sisters" needed to be saved. If the feeling is so strong, why didn't they come for them before?

Mallory was showing signs of some kind of magic emerging, but Dinah and even more so Coco were the shocking examples of possible witches that were right in front of the audience the whole time.

It would make sense for Dinah, Michael is almost drawn to those kinds of possibilities in a person, so only Coco is the odd woman out. 

She isn't the most popular character this season, although personally, she is amazing entertainment for a show that has a long sequence of people throwing up and dying from poison.

Happy Halloween, bitch.


As someone who is also watching American Vandal right now, the urge to never eat anything ever again has never been stronger. 

The trio has come just in time, saving their sisters just in time. These tests were getting heated and all of them were proving that they didn't deserve to survive with the way that they didn't even think to check who they were talking to.

It can't be that difficult to piece together that if there is a stranger speaking to you, don't assume it is Michael, why not check under the mask first?

That should be the test to see who is worthy of the Sanctuary because assuming any good will come from the Outpost is everyone's consistent curse so far. 

The Coven Crossover - American Horror Story Season 8 Episode 3

There are constant examples of why circumstances shouldn't just be accepted, from sketchy stews to suspicious lies to a lack of information about the world at large.

Everyone should be questioning everything, and instead, they just allow themselves to be manipulated.

This obviously won't continue with the coven witches back in town, and it couldn't have come at the best time. They are actually trustworthy, so it is possible that they will provide everyone with information about what is actually happening that could be worth waiting for. 

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Revelations From All Directions 

There were plenty of plot twists in this episode, but yet the most exciting had to be the insight into the world itself.

The survivors are struggling from extreme radiation, but they are still out there. Brock actually managed to make the treck from LA, it is unbelievable that he would survive and yet kind of perfect.

There is no telling what he will unleash on those still in the shelter, although maybe the worry of radiation isn't as prominent anymore.

People are coming in and out, the door is left open with no regard for the air streaming in. Although if the three survivors are actually witches, they don't have much to worry about in that aspect. 

Mallory, why are you molesting my lubes?


Then there is the way that Michael is connected to Mead, which was probably meant to explain some things but mostly made it more confused. Did he design her after Constance? Are all those father name drops about Tate or is he referring to the devil that he was summoning with that well-drawn design on the floor?

What was most fascinating though was the way that Madison went for Mallory right away. There is history there but is it with Mallory or with this unknown part of her that she can't figure out.

It is linked to her anger, so perhaps on Earth, there was some backstory that would highlight what Mallory was doing before Coco.

It is safe to say that this episode left everyone with questions, but it finally feels like these are good questions. 

Defile me any way you want. But a warning, I have a very short tongue and a sensitive gag reflex.


There are a lot of unknowns, but this time around they might actually be answered. The need to world build has calmed down a bit, especially with the way that most of the characters have been removed so the narrative doesn't become too complicated. 

Now there is time to actually connect the three seasons together, with Michael in the middle of all the chaos. all while still exploring what is going on and what the next steps are for survival.

It is also possible that a crossover is meant to explain the actual apocalypse because it has to be serious if these different seasons are all able to come together.

What did you think of the episode? Are you glad that the crossover is finally starting? Do you agree with the lives that the three chose to save? What do you think this means for Michael (and Brock)? Is there even a Sanctuary waiting for anyone?

What are some theories that are starting to shape for you? Do you have any guesses about how Murder House will fit into all of this?

Let us know what you think below!

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Forbidden Fruit Review

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