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Madison and the Cooperative Agent arrive at Murder House and meet the ghosts. Constance mentions that she will tell them about Michael if they remove Moira from the house. They find Moira's bones and hand them to her, giving her the chance to choose where she will be. She chooses to be with her mother and they wake off together.

Constance then shares her story, about how she raised Michael thinking this was the chance to help a child and not have them turn evil. But he began killing animals right away, starting out small and moving on up. This progressed and while Constance tried to help at first when he grew overnight into his current state and then killed a priest, she was done. It didn't help that she woke up one night to him choking her. 

She went to the Murder House and killed herself so she could stay with her children. She refused to show herself to him and he finally met Ben. Ben decides to help him and Michael spends all his time in that house, building a relationship with him and looking for a way to connect to his father. Tate refuses him and that snaps Michael.

He then begins to torture the ghosts and he puts on the Rubberman suit to attack the two new occupants, killing them and then killing their souls so they disappear from existence. Ben tells Michael he could never have been helped and disappears as well. 

Michael still hangs around the house, which is where the Satanists find him, including Mead. They plan a sacrifice that he uses to become one with Satan. That night Vivian shares with Madison that she planned to kill Michael but he tried to burn her, with Tate saving her. Michael disappeared after that and we are left to assume that he went to live with Mead which we have seen before. 

Back at the Murder House, Madison helps Violet forgive Tate and give them a happy ending. Vivian and Ben fix their differences. Madison and the Cooperative Agent leave to find Cordelia to try to stop Michael before it is too late because Vivian warns them that his father is not Tate, it is the literal evil in the house and it wants to destroy the Earth. 

American Horror Story
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American Horror Story Season 8 Episode 6 Quotes

This one shattered me beyond recovery. Michael made me believe that my presence here meant something. That I mattered.


Tate: I'm so sorry for everything.
Violet: I know.