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The nurse named Karen arrives to tell Margaret about Mr. Jingles' escape. Booth is like bring it.

Karen gets jingled.

Margaret just showed her hand. Boys have to wash off their filth every night to get ready for morning prayer.

Brooke is a virgin. Final girl! Her fiance thought she cheated on her wedding day and killed her supposed cheatee, her dad, and himself.

Montana thinks she has Brooke all figured out, but she's a terrible read of people.

Xavier is property of a guy named Daddy who forced him into gay porn after he was rescued. To get out of it, he offers Trevor as the next John Holmes.

Daddy gets jingled. But he's already dead.

Street dude gets sliced by Richard Ramirez after Brooke escapes.

Steet dude is alive again and gets killed again.

Richard waits for Margaret while the kids go nuts.

Richard wants to know about dead street dude -- who died in 1970!

Margaret mothers him. Richard tells his oh, so sad life story. He kills because he had a rough childhood.

She says street dude is alive because of Jesus. Margaret says it all had to happen to be the one who he is today.

You don't have to feel bad about doing God's work.

She's going to use Richard to get rid of Jingles so they can protect the children.

The kids wreck the Scooby van when they try to avoid running over a chick.

Oh, it was Rita. 

Street dude is Jonas. Him and Margaret are very confused, but she's good with the Lord's work.

Everyone is still trying to get away, but Richard hears keys jingling and makes a beeline for the infirmary thinking they're Jingles.

American Horror Story
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American Horror Story Season 9 Episode 2 Quotes

You don't have to fear the worst when it's already happened.


Brooke: Miss Booth, I think we're in danger.
Margaret: Yes, we are in danger -- from sin.