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It's Pope's birthday, and the guys talk about their plans.

Smurf wonders why she hasn't seen Lena, and Baz tells her she should understand why Catherine doesn't want her around.

The guys start their celebration with a game of paintball, but that's interrupted with a message that Smurf has been arrested.

They get their stuff together and head to a safe house, only to get a surprising knock on the door.

Smurf faked the whole thing, and she has found out they were doing jobs behind her back. She tells them they are all cut off.

At school, J gets caught smoking pot while hanging out with his girlfriend. He says it's his even though it isn't. J's teacher invites him to an art event, and he seems confused.

The guys fight with each other as they get ready to sky dive.

Craig gets home to fight that the girl he was sleeping with has had an overdose.

J goes to see Catherine and makes mac and cheese.

Baz is upset when he gets home and wants Catherine to make things right with Smurf.

He also chews out J for not talking to him before doing a job with his uncles.

The guys go the strip club to continue celebrating Pope's birthday, and they bring J. J and Pope talk, and J wants to know about his mom's relationship with Baz.

Smurf kicks out all of her sons, then makes sure J knows he should never lie to her again.

Animal Kingdom
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Animal Kingdom Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Baz: You said shit you shouldn't have said.
Catherine: No, I should have hit her with the car!

It's not just Pope's birthday. It's my mom's too.