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J sleeps over at his girlfriend's house and manages to get the watch back.

He tries to leave in the morning before her parents realize he slept over, but her dad gets back in time to confront him.

Meanwhile, Craig is recovering from his gunshot wound while Baz tries to keep things together.

Catherine comes home to find Smurf watching over her little girl at the pool, even though Lena can't swim yet. Catherine confronts Smurf and is obviously worried about her being near her family.

Nicky tells J she lost the watch he gave her. Baz is seeing another woman.

Pop picks up Deran and J for a job, and it's apparently something Smurf doesn't know about.

Smurf sees Lena in the grocery store and takes her away to get ice cream without the babysitter noticing.

As Baz and Craig go through customs, Baz figures out that Craig is smuggling in drugs. Luckily, they are hidden in Craig's burrito, and he gets away with it.

Baz tries to get Craig to flush the drugs, mad that he made that decision behind his back. Craig is worried about money and the fact that Smurf isn't giving them enough to live on. Craig convinces him they should sell it.

Pope and Deran argue when a job almost goes badly, and Deran says he was just looking out for him.

J takes the watch back to his girlfriend after Pope tells him she should get to keep it. Smurf is upset because J has left and taken his things.

Smurf finds him and brings him back. J and Baz have a heart to heart, and we learn J feels responsible for his mother's death. Baz tries to make him feel better.

The episode ends with Pope crawling into bed with Smurf.

Animal Kingdom
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Animal Kingdom Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

I can't tell you how many times by boys have gotten laid because some little girl was trying to piss off her daddy.


I'm not saying we're gonna hike a pyramid, but I'm gonna drink tequila on the beach, or you're going home alone.