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Smurf thinks she hears something and pulls her gun, but it's nothing. J isn't in his roo. He's out running.

Baz tries to enter a storage unit, but the lock number has changed.

Craig brings Nikki to the bar. Craig wants Nikki at opening night, but Deran said no.

Pope is at the store getting shirts for his date with Amy. 

Nikki is back at the house talking with Smurf about Craig. She lets it slip out that Deran has a bar. Smurf gives her a talk about a woman's power.

J tells Baz about the diner job. He also tells him about Lena and Baz is not happy.

Craig and Deran hit the beach to promote the bar to friends. Deran tells Craig he's going to tell Smurf about the job. 

Baz and the guys work on the air conditioning unti for the church job. J and Craig go into the unit to test it out.

Deran tells Smurf about the job. She tells him she already knows. He invites her to come to opening night.

Criag can't handle the heat in the unit and storms out. J gets the job.

Baz brings clothes for Lena. He wants Smurf to give him the new codes so that he can get his tools. 

Craig steals a beer truck.

Pope shows up at his date. He's wearing the lavender shirt. Then she asks him the ultimate question: "What does a property manager do all day?"

Craig brings the beer truck to the bar. Deran is not happy and tells him to get rid of the truck. Craig can't do anything right.

Amy is concerned that Pope doesn't like her. He asks her, "How do you live yourself after what you did to your son?"  Then he admits he's done things and has had to live with them. He tells her he was in prison and she kisses him. Pope is like a newbie. Amy is madly in love with him. Will Pope end up telling her about the job? She did say that he could tell her anything.

Smurf meets with J in a park and gives him a new phone.

Baz meets with Deran and Pope to apologize for being a jerk. They are going to climb a crane and jump off it into the ocean as a bonding thing.

Smurf takes J into an apartment. She's giving him some tips and tells him how the business works. She wants him to run the business for her and is willing to train him.

Craig shows up and the boys climb the crane and jump off it. It's a bonding moment for them. Afterwards, they meet up at Baz's place. Baz is trying really hard to be friendly and show support for his brother. He's trying to prove he's not Smurf. He tells Craig he's taking his place in the ducts. 

Deran and Craig are at the bar. Pope shows up. The bar starts filling up. 

J is doing something on the computer when Nikki comes down to talk. Smurf is going out. Someone is following her as she drives. She's just being paranoid.

Baz shows up at the bar then Smurf comes in. She's very impressed with the bar. Pope leaves but not before he asks Baz about Lena. Smurf knows what Baz did with his brothers. She tells him it's not going to last. 

Deran goes to the bathroom and finds Craig snorting coke with a couple of girls. Deran is not happy and they fight. The girl is waiting for Craig and he takes her into the back room for sex.

J is trying to tutor Nikki in Trig.While J goes to make them some dinner Craig calls and Nikki takes off, blowing J off in the process.

Smurf gets everyone to chant speech for Deran to say something. Smurf takes over. He completely tunes out what Smurf is saying. She offers a toast. Deran is pissed off. He goes outside for a smoke. Smurf finds him and he explodes then drops the bomb on her that he's gay. In so many words he tells her he knows her game and that she never loved any of them.

Pope guards Lena's room.

Craig and Nikki show up at the bar. He tells Craig about his conversation with Smurf. Craig gives him a pep talk and they get to work on cleaning up the bar.

Animal Kingdom
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Animal Kingdom Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Do you have any idea how powerful you are? You know what that power is? It's the one thing you have that every man wants. You just have to let them think they have the power, but they never do. Unless you give it to them. And don't ever give it to them.


Smurf: The only person those boys hate more than me is you.
Baz: That is such bullshit.
Smurf: I trained you Baz. You are me.