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J and Mia are together in bed. He's at his new place.

Smurf made breakfast and goes to find Pope who is sitting in Lena's room. He hasn't slept.

Craig and Frankie are in another bedroom. She's quite comfortable. He warns Frankie not to get close to Smurf.

Adrian is going to South Africa and Deran wants to go with but Adrian doesn't want him to.

Pope is driving Smurf to Morgan. Smurf knows she's missing -- along with 3 of her properties. Pope suggests maybe she's in witness protection. They walk into her house when they get there. Smurf and Pope snoop.

Morgan is dead in the water somewhere on shore.

J bought his bowling alley and is getting the keys.

Smurf and Pope are going to look at different properties they think Morgan bought.

Deran is buying the house that Adrian bought.

Smurf is starting to get even more suspicious of J.

Frankie and Craig are robbing the surf guy's house.

Smurf is preparing dinner when Deran comes in asking for his money.

Smurf gets a call about Morgan and tells Pope about it. 

J is home but leaves. He knows something is up.

Smurf is at Mia's auto shop looking for Pete. When Pete gets back to the shop he meets with Smurf then he orders Mia to take a ride with him.

In the car, Pete confronts her about her relationship with J.

Frankie and Craig are smoking a pipe at the surfer's house after they basically cleaned it out.

When J gets back to the house, Smurf tells him about Morgan. She also tells him about the stolen properties. And he tells her to be careful about Mia.

Craig wakes up at the surfer's house, but Frankie is gone.  She wrote a message on his chest.

Deran gets a visit from a Dept of Corrections guy looking for someone. It might be the dead guy. He leaves his card.

J is texting Mia but no answer from her.

Mia and the gang kill Lucy. Her son comes out but they don't kill him.

J goes to a place where he's hid paperwork for his properties and takes it all.

Pope is watching a tv program when the phone rings. Smurf has a delivery. He answers the door and thewoman comes in. It's a hooker.

J burns all his paperwork.

Deran goes looking for Ox and finds out he's dead.

Pope gets into it with the woman.

Mia goes back to the apartment she has with J. It's been broken into. There's a guy there waiting for her.

Pope is driving like a crazy person. he's still in his underwear. He gets into an accident and goes after the woman and destroys her car. Then he walks to his ex girlfriend's house crying like a baby. He's really upset.

Deran is at Ox's mom's house.

Mia is having sex with the guy who showed up at her house. The guy wants to be cut in.

Back at Smurf's place, she passes out information about their properties. She gives J a watch she was going to give to Baz to thank him for what he did when she was in jail. Pope comes in all crazy and Smurf goes to investigate. 

Craig wants to know what J got from Smurf.

Pope is washing blood off his hands.

Adrian is at the airport. He gets arrested and they find the drugs in his surfboard.

J goes into Smurf's room where she's sleeping and whispers how he's going to take everything. When he leaves her room he sees Pope at the other end of the hall and they have a staredown.





Animal Kingdom
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Animal Kingdom Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Craig: So what are you going to steal?
Frankie: Everything, baby. Absolutely everything.

Frankie: I like your mom.
Craig: You don't know her.
Frankie: She's cool. A survivor.