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A bank is robbed in broad daylight but it's not the Codys. There's a vigilante there who pulls out a gun from his boot and is killed. The alarm goes off as they leave the bank and take off.

Pope is involved ina boxing match as Smurf and Craig watch from the sidelines. Pope gets out of control and eventually wins.

Darren and Craig are watching Adrian surf but Craig wants to know why he keeps losing competitions.

J is in class when a girl from his class wants to talk to him and introduces him to some of her friends.

Darren, Craig, and Adrian arrive at Darren's place. Adrian explains his problems. Darren talks about their next job but Craig is not happy Darren is discussing it in front of Adrian.

Mia is at a restaurant and asks the waitress for crayons while taking a picture of her. Adrian meets with the feds who are requiring him to be an informant in exchange for avoiding prison.

Pope and Smurf have words. He's staying in Lena's room.

The robbers from earlier arrive at their safe house.

Mia arrives at the bowling alley and goes to see J for her money. She did surveillance for him at the restaurant.

Craig and Darren talk about Adrian and whether or not he can be trusted. Then they talk about Pope and their concern about him being on the next job. They're also checking out trucks to steal.

J arrives at Smurf's place to give her an update on his part of the job.

The boys and Adrian arrive for dinner. Pope is done eating and leaves. Darren asks what's wrong with Pope and Smurf defends him but then sends Adrian away to get the dessert. They admit they don't want Pope on the job. Smurf isn't changing her mind.

Frankie visits Craig's place and walks right in while Craof is sleeping next to a girl. She has a job for him.

Adrian is going over his instructions for the job.

The robbers from the other crew don't like that the girl is involved in their jobs.

The guys prepare for their job. J is in the restaurant. The others are in the truck by the bank they're planning to rob. They're stealing safety deposit box contents.

The hostage tripped a silent alarm. The manager was having an affair with a teller and she tripped the alarm. The guys get out before the cops arrive but they are being chased.

The guys are close to escape when Pope decides to stop riding and Craig has to get involved. The two get to the getaway truck just in time.

Olivia is practicing being menacing in the mirror and decides to cut her hair so she doesn't look like a girl on jobs. She joins the guys who are burying a body.

Smurf watches the surveillance cameras to see her boys roll in.










Animal Kingdom
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Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Craig: Ah, so it's Darren that's holding you back?
Darren: Jesus. Are you done?
Craig: If you love something, set it free. Bro.

You seem like a nice kid, but if you can't help us catch bigger fish, we'll settle for you.