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Flashback. Janine is heavily pregnant and goes to a diner for breakfast. But it's a setup. Colin comes in with a mask and robs the place taking Janine hostage. Colin wants to name him Andrew after a hockey player.

Pope has situated himsef in front of the bathroom door. He asks J about his time with Angela. He goes into the bathroom and finds Angela sleeping on the floor.

Renn and the baby are home. Craig is going to get Renn breakfast.

Deran and Adrian talk. But Deran doesn't have much to say. He tells Adrian Smurf knows.

Pope tells J to clean up the house as he leaves with Angela.

Flashback. Janine and Colin break into a house. She wants to take it as her own for her new family. She's really excited. The house is in Oceanside. It's the house she has now.

Deran visits Craig and finds him holding the baby. Craig tells him the baby is his. Deran asks Craig for passports so he can get Adrian out of the country. Then he tells him everything.

Flashback. Janine and Colin are enjoying breakfast in their new house. Manny visits. She's sending Colin on a job.

Pope takes Angela to an NA meeting. Angela talks about Julia and Smurf. And insults Pope in the process. What a fucking bitch.

Flashback. Janine is listening to the radio and hears about the robbery.

J is cleaning house when Frankie shows up. She wants to talk to J. He agrees. She has a job for them. She's also trying to manipulate him.

Flashback. The boys are back at the house celebrating their heist. Manny doesn't seem too happy.

Pope chases after Angela. They fight about Julia. And the Angela spills the goods about J taking her to her old neighborhood. Flashback. Janine and Colin go to a grocery store with the guys. A cop comes in and starts talking to Janine. He notices the guys and leaves, but he's obviously suspicious. Colin watches him go back to his car. The cop has a feeling these guys are the ones who robbed the armored truck. Janine goes outside and the cop comes to talk. Colin can't help himself and shoots the cop. The cop starts shooting back. There's a shootout as the guys try to escape. Colin is shot. And his nickname is Pope. Jesus. Colin is dead.

Angela confronts J about what he did.

Flashback. Manny stops the car and kicks Janine out on the side of the road. She pulls a gun and tells Manny and Jake to get out of the car. She takes off and goes to Jed's place.

Pope is getting ready for the job. Pope confronts J about Angela. He threatens J.

Craig tells Deran the passports will be ready.

Jed buries Colin and the car in the field.


Animal Kingdom
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Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Colin: Do you really want to settle down like this?
Janine: Like what?
Colin: Like normal.

Get in my truck right now or I will tie you up and throw you in the back.