Smurf is It
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Adrian is telling Deran about the cop situation. Deran doesn't say anything.

Pope is peeking in on Smurf. Angela is in the kitchen when Pope comes in. She starts asking questions about Smurf's condition.

J comes out in his underwear to talk to his girlfriend's mother.

Craig is building a crib. He starts talking to Renn about baby stuff. It's so cute.

Flashback. Jake is with a new girl. Smurf is annoyed that no one is doing any jobs.

Angela is in Smurf's bedroom. She brought her some tea to help with the nausea. Smurf offers her 15 grand to get out and never come back.

Adrian meets with Pierce and tells him he wants to be charged because he doesn't want to help. Pierce tries to manipulate her.

Angela tells J about Smurf's condition and works to manipulate him too to make sure he gets the money he deserves.

J goes into the kitchen and talks to Smurf. He tells her about the concert job from his girlfriend's mom. He even has a plan. Smurf gives her okay.

Flashback. Janine is sleeping when she's woken up by noise from the living room. Her and Jake's girlfriend are about to go at it.

The boss guy takes Smurf out to talk about her issues she has with Jake's girlfriend.

J is talking to Smurf's fence, Gia. He tells Gia about Smurf's condition.

Craig and Deran arrive at Smurf's house. They see and talk to Angela. Smurf is in the kitchen making lunch when Pope comes in. He asks how she's feeling. He's freaked out.

Smurf kicks Angela out so they can talk about J's job. He does.

Pope wants Deran to sit this one out but Deran says no.

Flashback. Janine is on the couch with Colin when Pam comes in and then leaves. Colin cares about Smurf. It's sweet.

Angela has a friend over. 

Smurf is visiting a friend named Neil. She wants to know who is talking about her family.

J and team are at the concert venue scoping out the place.

Smurf is buying guns.

Flashback. Turns out Pam stole money and the team's van. Smurf was right.

Craig is back at his place with egg rolls for Renn. She's not there.She left. FFS.

Smurf takes off with guns and money in tow.

Pope is looking for Deran and talks to Adrian who is going to his sister's. Pope standing there without Adrian knowing is like a Michael thing from Halloween.

Pope finds Deran and Deran lies about why Adrian is leaving. Pope thinks it's something else.

J is at his girlfriend's house snooping around. He gets caught but bullshits his way through it.

Craig shows up at the beach where Renn is. He's not happy she just left. She's being a bitch.

Angela comforts Pope in his bedroom and they have sex again.

Deran shows up at Adrian's sister's house. They talk about the cop situation. Adrian tells him about Pope and Deran tells Adrian Pope can never know about the cops. He wants Adrian back home.

Flashback. Smurf is barfing in the toilet. She's pregnant and she knows it.

Smurf is at the airport stealing a car. 



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