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Flashback. Jeanine is still at Jed's and talks to his wife about being a prisoner.

J talks to the fence. She doesn't want to work with J.

The brothers are talking about the job and whether Jed's sons will come after them.  J comes in and talks about a funeral for Smurf and the fence.

Craig gives Deran the passports.

Pope tells J to get out of the house.

Flashback. The babies are crying and Janine does nothing. Jed's wife picks up one of the babies and gives Janine advice. She gives Janine the car keys s she can leave.

Angela is pissed at her boss and storms out of the diner. Her friend shows up. She tells Angela Mike is out and looking for her. 

Angela gets back to the house and there's an envelope for Julia. 

J gets back to the bowling alley and gets his stuff out of the safe. 

Deran gets to the bar. People are placing flowers around for Smurf. Billy is in Deran's office.

People bring food for Smurf to the house. She had friends who did things for her and this woman wants her monthly money. Then Pope says there's going to be a memorial service for Smurf.

Billy has money for Deran. 

Angela is at the bowling alley. J tells her he was kicked out. Then she asks who Pamela Johnson is. J says he has no idea.

Angela gives her the packages. It's a will for J, Deran, and Julia. They all get small amounts and everything else goes to Pamela Johnson.

Angela wants to work with J.

flashback.She meets with Pamela -- Jake's old girlfriend. She wants to work with Pamela.

Janine goes to Jake's house. He invites her to stay with him.

Billy is at the bar talking to a guy. It's Craig's dad. Is that Jake?

Craig is back at Smurf's house. There's a memorial.

Billy and the other guy show up. Pope is pissed and pulls him aside leaving Craig's dad with Craig.

Billy tells Pope a little about Colin. And then he tells Pope Deran is leaving.

Pope leaves. Deran meets up with him. Pope confronts Deran about Adrian.

Deran tries to explain. Pope gets emottional but isn't going to do anything.

Jake is Craig's father and he goes in to talk to him. He doesn't tell him he's his father.

Frankie has information about Pamela for J.

Billy and Jake are talking to some other guys about Smurf.

Pope is in his room when Angela comes in.

Mike is Angela's brother and she tells him he's out of prison. She also talks to him about J.

Deran and Adrian are waiting for their ride. Deran tells him he can't go. What an emotional scene.

Pope shows up at the bowling alley. J gives Pope the will and tells him they've been cut out. He tells Pope he can run the business because Smurf taught him how.

Deran meets up with Craig.

Smurf's ashes are on the table with the four guys. They're talking about what to do with the ashes.

Pope tells them they need to take care of business...the same thing J said earlier.

Flashback. Pope is crying. Janine is ignoring. Jake doesn't know what to do.

She finally picks up the baby and sings to him. 

Angela finds her brother. She has a gun and tells him she's with the Codys now. They come around the corner and beat he shit out of Mike and his gang.








Animal Kingdom
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Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

Remove the glasses. You're not John Gotti.


J: We need to have a funeral or a memorial or something.
Pope: What?
J: All eyes are on us right now. We're still the Codys. Everyone needs to know we're strong with or without Smurf. We need to let people know that we'll take care of business.
Pope: No funeral.