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  • Smur breaks into the current Cody home with intentions of making it hers. 
  • Deran ropes in the teenagers Craig defended for a part of the job.
  • Frankie continues to get Craig back on his game and off of the drugs. He claims he's going to push through even though he hasn't slept.
  • SMurf wants to do bigger jobs. Jerry, the cop on payroll, brings Julia and Andrew back to the house after they were caught lifting a wallet, and she pays him off. Julia doesn't seem amused by this.
  • Pope comments on the picture that J put up of Julia.   He seems affected by it.
  • Smurf is pissed that they got caught and when she asks them about it she figures out that it was Julia. Jake takes issues with how how she is on him an dthat she's making them lift wallets. He wonders why she doesn't want better for her kids, and Smurf pushes him away, sends him back to Sheryl.
  • Smurf talks to them about what happened, and Julia shares that lifting wallets isn't for her like it is for Andrew. Smurf makes her think that her failure cost them a trip to Disneyland.
  • The Codys work themselves into the shipyard. 
  • Pope and Craig find a safe and the welding makes smoke come out of the container. J is on watch and sees that Wyatt is in the office.
  • The hoodlum teens serve their purpose as a distraction for Port Authorities. 
  • One of the dock workers see the smoke coming out of the container and is about to check it out when J distracts him by running into him. Craig fell behind working on the safe.
  • More peoople come and J is trying to distract, but it gets hairy for him. 
  • Wyatt goes to check it out while J is held at gunpoinit. Pope and Craig bust through and knock him down and make a run for it while J dukes it out and narrowly avoids getting shot. 
  • The port authority hear the gunfire and head to investigate.
  • J jums into the water on the other side and they pick him up,and they head under the pier with the cops in hot pursuit. 
  • They ditch the boat and use their scuba gear to hide under the water. 
  • Smurf takes the twins to the house while the people who live in it are away.Julia has resevations about it.
  • They count the money and it was 1.2 million dollars. 
  • They give Frankie her cut and she heads out. 
  • Pope wants themto have dinner together to celebrate the job. They have to meet back at the house for dinner later. 
  • Frankie heads out and says goodbye to Craig. 
  • Pope and J head out to get a a storaage unit, but Pope takes a detour to talk to Pete and makes sure that J is strapped when it happens.
  • Deran pays Tommy extra for his support and gives him new orders. 
  • Renn's friend comes to pick up her and Nicks' belongings. He finds out Renn is at her cousins.
  • Pope and J confront Pete. Pete tells them that Smurf is gone so nothing matters. He gets mouthy and Pope plunges pliers in Peter's eye and takes it out  and tells him to give them their cut by the end of the week. J is shocked.
  • He shows back up at the house for dinner. And the others are shocked to hear what he did to Pete, but they have dinner. 
  • Smurf gives Julia booze to help her sleep. She tells the twins that the house is theirs and that she's having another baby. She tells Pope taht he can help her take care of him and protect him like he did with her. 
  • The Codys have dinner. Deran prompts J to share his ideas for laundering the money and getting them off the allowance situaton. They all agree. Deran also says he'll run money through the bar. 
  • Police are called in when they find Cath's body when they're building a housing development. 
  • They find her ID> 
Animal Kingdom
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Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 13 Quotes

Pope: When'd you put this up?
J: A while ago. I always wanted to put a picture of my mom up, but Smurf would've taken it down.

Jake: You're the Queen of Oceanside, huh?
Smurf: I'm just tired of doing shitty jobs. We need to think bigger.