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  • Pope: Did my family put you in here? Inmate: Something like that. Pope: How much does my family have to pay you to shut up?
  • Craig: Pope ain't no snitch. J: You don't know that!
  • J: We might have to figure out a different arrangment. Finnegan: Oh yeah? J: If he's not taking the protection we can't have him in there solo, he's mentally untable. Finnegan: What kind of arrangement? J: A more permanent one. But only when I make the call.
  • Deran: Tina, name your price. Tina: You can't put a price on respect. Your mom knew that, kept your brother in check. Now she' gone, you'r crazy brother is in prison. Your other brother is a junkie. People are coming for your weak ass family and it ain't just me. Respect, pendejo, you can't buy that.
  • Julia: I love talking to you. See, this is what's important to me, Andrew, me and you, no matter what happens with Baz or Smurf or anyone else, okay? It's always you and me.
  • Deran: Pope would do anything for us, even you. It's not about the money, J. 
  • Craig: You know Renn invited me to join her in San Antonio today. Thought about it. I just don't like Texas or Texans. Deran: Well, maybe it's time to go. Craig: Yeah.
  • J: What about Amy? She's the real problem, right? And Lena? Deran: I'll talk to Pope about Amy, and no kids.Jesus.
  • Deran: What if Amy dosn't make it to trial.? We're worried about this Amy. Pope: No.  Deran: Just think about it. Pope: NOthing happens to Amy or Lena. Do I make myself clear? 
  • J: I don't give a shit what Pope wants or doesn't want. He put us in this situation, we decide what needs to happen and how we do it, not him. 
  • J and Deran meet up with Finnegan to pay him for protection of Pope in prison. They're worried that Pete's people may be in there and want to get to Pope. Apparently, Pope isn't making things easy, though
  • Craig tells Deran that Renn is moving to San Antonio and they'll work out a visit schedule. He isn't happy about it. He also gives Deran money to put in Pope's commisary, but he hasn't gone to see him the weeks he's been locked up.
  • Smurf opens Julia's mail. Julia finds out that she got a high score on the SATs. Smurf wants Julia and Pope to do an errand for a job.
  • The boys meet with Pope's attorneys and they lay out the bottome line. Their best bet is to argue that Pope's mental illness wasn't taking into account when he confessd, but they'll have to get Pope to agree to all of that. They also mention that Amy's statement about Pope confessing to her is credible. They say it'll take 100k to defend him.
  • J is worried that they'll start giving Pope psychotropic drugs and that Pope will start snitching on them because he's still worked up about Pope confessing when he didn't have to.
  • the boys continue to bicker about how to help Pope with J being the one who wants to throw in the towel on him. Craig suggest they break him up.
  • J thinks that Amy and Lena are the real probleem and wants to handle them.
  • Deran tries to talk to Pope about changing his plea and doing something to keep Amy and Lena from testifying, but he's firm in them not touching them and tells Deran ot to come back.
  • J lines up a job for them. He also tries to get someone to find Amy.
  • Someone steals the board Tre gave Deran from the bar, and Craig thinks people are starting to test them because Pope is gone.
  • Smurf brings girls to Baz's place to celebrate and is surprised by the girl he already has there.
  • Vince drops by to check on Craig and tries to lure him back to sobriety.
  • Pope tells his protection to fall back but when he does, one of Pete's guys shanks him.
  • Deran confronts Tommy thinking he's the one who stole the surfboard but he didn't. Tommy tells him that people are talking about Pope and heard about Cath and still have qustions about Adrian, so they're angry.
  • Craig goes to Vince and tries to get him to take coke. 
  • J says he doesn't care what Pope wants to do. Deran gets the call about Pope and says he'll talk to Pete's crew.
  • Julia tells Pope that his first time never should've been like that and it's important that he knows that, and they talk. 
  • Vince takes Craig to a backyard brawl so that they can fight each other.
  • Smurf gets everyone at the party high and Baz's date notices that Baz gets jealous when Smurf takes one of the other teens into the bedroom
  • J meets up with Finnegan and tells him that they may do a new more permanent arrangement to get rid of Pope if he won't take the protection. 
  • Pope attacks the guy who attacked him.
  • Deran meets up with Tina Trujillo hoping to strike a deal but she warns him that he can't buy respect and no one respects the Codys anymore and that's why everyone is coming for them.
  • Deran tells Craig about the latest and Craig tells him about Renn's offer. He said he considered it and Deran tells him maybe it's time to go.
  • Craig: We need to break him the hell out of there, that's what we need to do. J: How the hell are we going to do that?  Craig: I don't know, but we'll figure it out, we always do. J: Using what? Tank? Steel helicopter? Deran: It's not impossible, it's like every other job, we find the weaknss and we'll plan it out. J" It's a little more complicaed than that. Craig: It means that we're done with Oceanside, be on the run forever. J: What about everything you built? Everything Smurf built? We can still do what we do just without Pppe Find a new guy, train him up. Craig: It's a family businss, J. That's where the trust comes from, family, and there'es no family without Pope. He'd do it for us, you know he would. Deran: Let's do it. Craig: Good. J: OK.
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Animal Kingdom Season 6 Episode 10 Quotes

Craig: Pope ain't no snitch.
J: You don't know that!

Pope: Did my family put you in here?
Inmate: Something like that.
Pope: How much does my family have to pay you to shut up?