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  • Flashes to when Pope and Baz  rob the bank.
  • Craig gets money  set up in Singapore.
  • Smurf gives Julia a kimono that she would typically wear despite it not being Julia's style.
  • Penny told her husband about J and they're staying in the condo. She wants to go furniture shopping with him, but he has a lot going on.
  • Deran meets up with Billy.  He asks him for help. He wants information about the prison that Pope is in, blue prints and information.
  • Julia gets a series of letters from colleges and doesn't know if she'll apply to any of them or not.
  • Pope tells her that she shouldn't have stolen money from Smurf.
  • They''re working to get Craig's condo sold quick and fast even though they're upset that it could get torn down and sold into a condo. They ahve to disclose if anyone died there and J says that there hasn't been.
  • Baz tells Pope that he needs to leave Cath alone and stop leaving flowers with her and being strange with her as it's making Cath uncomfortable. They're headed into a bank to rob it.
  • Craig reminsces about staying at the house and talks about his plans with J.
  • Billy talks Deran into letting him open up the bar and talks about future plans for it.
  • Deran tells Billy about how Pope got into prison and Billy  isn't suprised. Billy has reservations about J handling the money, too. He tells Deran to leave Pope in jail and don't give any money  to J because he doesn't deserve it.
  • Julia shows up at Baz's place with Deran and Craig and catches him having sex with someone. They get into an argument and she hits him tiwce and he almost hits her back. They leave.
  • Julia confides in Pope about what happened with Baz and he tells her that she deseves better and he tries to kiss her. He tells her that something is wrong with him.
  • Baz gets injured during the job and leaves Pope behind. Pope runs from the cops but gets arrested.
  • The boys go over their plans and J runs through how the money wilil be spread out. Deran asks him about cutting and running since this has been his long game but J says he's not running he's doing things for Pope.
  • Smurf offers some advice to Julia because of Baz.
  • Billy doesn''t want to give Deran the contact but breaks down and does it anyway
  • Craig tells J that he was wrong about him and how much he appreciates him now while they reminsce.
  • Pope hallucinates Baz. they shift the blame to Smurf as Baz tells him he doesn't belong there and he already paid for his mistakes. Pope is lucid again and wants out. He wants to make his phone call.
Animal Kingdom
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Animal Kingdom Season 6 Episode 11 Quotes

Deran: Pope got locked up. He's probably not getting out, ever, so...
Billy: Oh, Deran. You gotta be shitting me.
Deran: Don't ask questions if you don't want the answers, okay?
Billy: Deran, listen to me, OK? Number one: Pope getting locked up is a positive development for all of civilized society. And number two, you're talking about U.S. Marshals. You're going to have to leave the country and never come back, ever.

Well, well, well. If it isn't my favorite known offspring. What's up?