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Julia and a friend of hers break into the Cody house to steal from Smurf in order to get more drugs. It's a flashforward to when Julia is pregnant. Smurf is away, but Andrew is in the garage making bullets.

  • Julia's friend makes a mess of things and gets Pope's attention. Pope knocks out the guy and locks Julia in the bathroom until Smurf arrives.
  • Someone threatens Pope while he's on the prison transfer bus as he awaits the breakout. Deran and Craig set things up by the roadside.
  • J is on the road and keeps track of where Pope using the GPS. He texts Deran to tell them that the bus is coming, and then he takes off.
  • The bus is overturned and Deran and Craig hold up the cops and get in a shootout with them. Pope fights with the guy who threatened him and stabs him.They release Pope, but they're surprised that J isn't around.
  • Pope wonders where J is and they tell him he didn't show up. J is back at the hideout spot. He texts to tell them he got heat and clears everything out.
  • Pope tells Smurf about Julia and that she's locked in the bathroom and pregnant.
  • J heads back to the Cody house and cleans up. He watches the news for an update on what happened. It's breaking news.
  • J calls in the tip line and drops the location of where his uncles are.
  • Baz returns to the Cody house after a job and Smurf tells him about Julia. He seems annoyed that he only gets to take five grand out of it. Smurf tells Baz that she's pregnant to gauge his reaction and sends him in the room to give Julia food.
  • Pope and the guys realize that the cops are already infiltrating their hideout and Pope figures out that J betrayed them and used the GPS in him to pin their location.
  • Penny arrives at the Cody house. They're preparing to leave the country for good and J tells her that he'll finish the packing while she's in the pool.
  • J packs up lots of money, his laptop, a gun, and pictures of Julia.
  • Pope cuts the GPS out of him as the others realize the guns and cash are gone and the cars all have flat tires.
  • The guys have to figure out their next steps without any tools the get free.
  • A cop stops by the Cody house to ask J about Pope's breakout. J uses Penny to confirm his alibi, making her lie for him as he tells the police that he didn't aide in Pope's escape.
  • The boys hold up in a house nearby. Deran gets emotional as he realizes that this could be the end. Pope tells Deran and Craig to run and he'll join them later after he distracts the cops. They all get emotional and hug. Pope takes his stand.
  • Penny questions J about the alibi and the trust documents. He assures her it's all fine and she tells him she doesn't want to go with him. He asks if she loves him and she says she does. He asks her to wait with him.
  • Smurf gives Julia some money and attempts to send her on her way again after she's cleaned up. Pope suggests they do rehab again and Julia swears she'll make it work for the baby. Smurf "agrees" to make some calls.
  • J makes Penny a cranberry vodka drink and puts drugs in it. She tells him she can't go with him but she won't tell anyone anyhting, and he agrees that she won't.
  • Pope has a shootout with the police while Deran and Craig escape. Pope takes off before more cops show up.
  • Pope holds up a guy and steals his car.
  • Deran and Craig hit up a gas station.  While robbing the store, a kid comes out and shoots at Deran but Craig gets in the way, protecting him. He gets shot. Deran wants to shoot but can't kill the kid.
  • J gave Penny a fatal overdose and he cries while holding her body. He tears up the cody house in anger that he had to kill his girflfirend.
  • Pope arrives and sees Penny dead and hears J in the house. he sneaks up on him and chokes him out.
  • Pope thinks they're taking Julia to rehab. Julia tells him what she's naming the baby and they talk. She can't wait for Pope to meet him and he feels her belly. But Smurf takes Julia to crack alley again
  • J starts out lying to Pope but then tells him that they all deserved it for what they did to Julia. Pope looks conflicted before pushing J into the pool whiel he's still tied up.
  • Pope thinks about when they dropped Julia back off on the streets.
  • Smurf pulled a gun out on Julia and told her to get out and she wouldn't give her or the baby anything else.
  • Julia begged Andrew to come with her, but he didn't.
  • Pope dives in the pool to save J. He tells him that he wasn't he strong one, Julia was, and J tells him how much Julia still loved him and all of them even til the end and they ddin't do anything for her or him. Pope blames himself for all of it claijming that it's all his fault and none of it would've happened because of him.
  • J takes off while Pope is spitting out blood and crying.
  • Pope gets his picture of Julia out of the car. He thinks about that day they kicked Julia out again. He pours gasoline throughout the house and sets Smurf's bed on fire.
  • He heads out to the pool, sits by it until he collapses and dies while holding his picture of him and Julia.
  • Craig is fading fast, so he tells Deran to stop the car and let him out. Craig mentions Renn and Nick and Deran promises to take care of them right before Craig dies.
  • J is in Fiji, with his newfound wealth, all alone after bringing down the kingdom.
Animal Kingdom
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Animal Kingdom Season 6 Episode 13 Quotes

Craig: Deran, Thailand, Renn.
Deran: I promise you, I'll raise Nick like he's my own, okay? I'll take care of Renn. They'll never have to worry about a thing okay? I promise. I promise.

Deran: Shit, this is on me. This on me. I trusted, J.
Pope: We all did.
Craig: Yeah, we did.