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Archer wakes up in a hotel room in Southeast Asia in a state of debauchery. He has two hookers who are demanding payment and a bottle of alcohol with a cobra inside it.  He gets a call from Mallory that the CIA (their new employee) has a mission for him. Lana is also on the line and yells at him for shirking his fatherly duties.

Pretty soon, the CIA slips a dossier under his door and he has instructions to go to the nearest airport for an Air America cargo flight. Archer is disappointed that the cargo plane doesn't have amenities like minibottles or even a beverage cart. Unprepared, he gets dropped out of the plane.

In the interim, it's time for Pam and Cheryl to show the [agency formerly known as] ISIS gang the new office after the result of a multimillion dollar rebuilding project (for those who don't remember, the previous office got blown up). At first it looks like a 5-star hotel with a futuristic hover boarding tray that serves Mallory drinks.

As Mallory reaches out to grab it, it's revealed that it's all a hologram and Pam and Cheryl actually rebuilt the office with the decor theme: Exactly like the old office. On the upside, there's a Japanese bath in the back.

Speaking of all things Japanese, Archer lands on Borneo and finds himself captured by an Imperial Japanese soldier who has been out of contact with civilization since 1942. As a result, the man doesn't know World War II is over and Archer isn't able to convince him that they're not enemies.

Because the soldier refuses to surrender and has a Kamikaze mentality, Archer has to tie him up and force him to march but regrets doing anything that might be construed as racist. The two quarrel around some and have a deep conversation about fatherhood along the way, but eventually form an uneasy alliance of sorts and find the plane (thanks to Mallory's telephone reminder).

As this is Archer, random soldiers show up out of nowhere and fire at the duo. Archer and the Japanese soldier escape and make it to the extraction point but the soldier doesn't know if he can go home after so many years away from his family. Archer dials 411 and finds his comrade's family, there's a touching long-distance reunion, and everyone goes home.

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Archer Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

Ray: Is this Brett's blood?
Cheryl: Ugh no, just the same type. We had to fudge it a little on the stains, some of which actually were fudge
Pam: And some of which merely resembled it

Japanese Soldier: You cannot shirk your duties!
Archer: Yes, I can. I do it all the time