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Slade kidnaps someone close to Oliver and as the Arrow he realizes that to stop a monster, you might have to the unthinkable.

Diggle takes on Amanda Waller with a little help from his friends.

Thea turns to Roy for help.

Thea did shoot Malcolm. He was wearing Kevlar. Malcolm is proud.

Laurel goes to find Sara and Nyssa drugs her.

Roy remembers leaving town and that's it.

Nyssa and Sara go to the lair and help Oliver prepare.

Malcolm and Thea argue at the train station.

Team Arrow is at Queen Consolidated. Deathstroke and Ravager are there and Sara, Nyssa and The League comes in. Nyssa kills Isabel.

A Mask goes to the precinct and topples Lance, taking Laurel.

Felicity tells Oliver to make Slade outthink him.

Roy tells Thea about being injected with some drug. He doesn't tell her the truth about the Arrow. He says he's done with all of that.

Oliver needs to make sure Felicity is safe. He tells her he loves her. 

Diggle and Lyla get to ARGUS and release the Suicide Squad. 

A war erupts in a tunnel between good and evil.

Amanda wants to prep the drone to fire early. Lyla is pregnant and Waller delivers the news.

Oliver tries to call Slade's bluff by allowing him to kill Laurel, but Slade really has Felicity.

Felicity and Laurel are both there in front of Slade, as Oliver outthinks his opponent, just like Felicity said.

Flashback: Slade screams about killing everyone Oliver loves and he puts his eye out.

Oliver stops Slade and Amanda calls back the drones.

Sara goes back to The League. 

Sara tells Laurel Oliver needs her and gives her the Canary jacket.

Lance falls to the ground, badly injured.

Thea finds Roy's arrows and leaves town. She goes with her father.

Slade will likely be a part of the Suicide Squad, as he's holed up in the ground of the island in an ARGUS supermax.

Felicity and Oliver talk about the moment in the mansion.

Flashback: Amanda picks up Oliver and welcomes him to Hong Kong.

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Arrow Season 2 Episode 23 Quotes

Gee Sara, you could have called before you invited ... seven assassins into our lair.


He lacked the conviction, the strength to pull the trigger, but not you Thea. You are truly my daughter and I could not be more proud.