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Green Arrow and Spartan are tracking Diaz's moves while Dinah with a handful of SCPD cops are tracking them as well.

Felicity is trying to get Oliver to have the big talk with Diggle about not giving back the Green Arrow mantle to him after all. 

Anatoly gets taken in quickly, but he isn't taking the situation. Back at the station, the police captain is not happy that Dinah didn't inform her about going after Diaz's men.

Oliver goes to speak with Anatoly and tells him that they know the captain is rogue. Anatoly is freed quickly as Oliver realizes that the DA is also working for Diaz.

Back at the bunker, Diggle tries to convince Oliver to let him be the Green Arrow again. Diggle wants Oliver to be able to put his focus on being the mayor of the city.

But Oliver feels different and Diggle walks away. Elsewhere, one of Dinah's cops confronts Diaz. Anatoly shoots him from the behind as Dinah now has one less good cop on her squad.

Curtis wants to help Dinah out with the death of the cop. But Dinah doesn't want to put his life at risk after losing another ally. Curtis insists and Dinah lets him come with.

Diggle goes to Lyla to get help and decides to tell her what's going on. He admits that he is frustrated about Oliver refusing to give the mantle back.

The next day, Oliver summons the police captain and the DA as he confronts them about working for Diaz. They both admit how Diaz got them hooked in.

He offers protection for them both, but they refuse his help. Oliver has no choice, but to fire them both.

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Arrow Season 6 Episode 17 Quotes

Diggle: Oliver, I'm, uh... really sorry about what I said.
Oliver: You apologized already, John. So did I.
Diggle: I know...I know. But what I said about the calls you made, where you brought us, the team, the city, I... I just can't shake them.
Oliver: You can't shake that you said it?
Diggle: I can't shake that it's true. Oliver, for six years, I have followed the chain of command without question, even when my heart told me there was a better way. I trusted it. I trusted you. But the inescapable truth is that people have lost faith in your leadership. Truth is, Oliver, you have become a better man. But with your focus split... a worse leader. The Green Arrow allows you to become the best version of yourself, and I respect that. I respect you. But if I'm gonna be the best version of myself...Oliver, it can't be with you.
Oliver: I hope you find what you're looking for.

Ricardo: You don't want to torture him a bit? You know, maybe slit his throat. What happened to all that Russian vengeance I heard so much about?
Anatoly: Is new suit.