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It's Oliver and Felicity's wedding reception after they got married during Barry and Iris's wedding. Everyone is having a good time except Curtis who gets a little drunk and gives an embarrassing speech. Rene takes over to give a proper speech about love before the couple shares their first official dance.

Quentin pulls Oliver to the side that he has found out that there is a witness that is willing to testify that Oliver is the Green Arrow. But it is someone on Team Arrow.

Later on in the bunker, Oliver tries to figure out who on the team has betrayed him. Diggle suggests that Oliver simply spies on the team members to find out who it is.

Rene gets a drunk Curtis home to his apartment as they reflect on their own weddings. Curtis quickly passes out.

Elsewhere, Dinah meets up with Vincent despite the fact that she told him to stay away. Vincent questions Dinah for not being the same woman he used to know.

Dinah warns him that if she ever sees him again in Star City, there will be consequences. Quentin and Thea get confronted by Black Siren who has a message from Cayden. 

Thea tries to take Laurel out, but she gets knocked out. Laurel grabs Quentin and leaves a cell phone in Thea's hand.

The team sees that Dinah was meeting up with Vincent which gets Oliver pissed off. Diggle refuses to believe that Dinah could be the one to out Oliver.

Thea shows up and tells them that Black Siren took Quentin. She hands them the phone as Cayden calls them up.

He informs them that he wants an amplifier in exchange for Quentin. It's secured at ARGUS so the team must break in to steal it.

The team goes without Dinah to steal the amplifier at ARGUS. They manage to steal it as they return to the bunker to figure out what Cayden needs it for.

Oliver suggests that Felicity and Curtis make a replica to trick Cayden. Dinah shows up and wonders what is going on as Oliver confronts her about Vincent.

But Rene and Curtis side with her as the original members and the new ones are now on opposite sides. Rene reveals that he is the witness who is testifying against Oliver.

Rene explains that Agent Watson knows that he is Wild Dog and is willing to make sure he'll never see his daughter again. She has apparently a solid case against Oliver and therefore Rene had to agree to testify against him.

Oliver decides to throw Rene out of the bunker. Elsewhere, Quentin wakes up with Laurel by his side. She reveals how she survived Lian Yu thanks to Cayden.

Quentin asks Laurel about her father on Earth-2 and she reveals that he died when she was 13. Cayden shows up and tells her to be ready.

Elsewhere, Rene gets food with Dinah and Curtis as he feels bad about turning on Oliver. Dinah comforts him by saying that Rene had no other choice.

Back at the bunker, Thea goes to see Oliver as she heard what happened. Oliver explains that he is struggling about feeling betrayed by Rene when he knows that Rene did the right thing.

The time has come for the team to meet up with Cayden and Oliver asks everyone on the team to suit up. They show up to make the trade as Cayden reveals his masterful plan: to destroy Star City.

The rest of the team keeps looking for Quentin and Laurel as there is no sign of them. Mister Terrific and Wild Dog decide to look on their own. Cayden knows that the amplifier is fake and orders Laurel to kill Quentin.

A fight between Green Arrow and Black Canary goes down with Cayden's men. Terrific and Wild Dog find Quentin as Siren uses her cry to throw them back.

Black Siren runs away with Quentin. but has a change of heart as she tells him to run. Green Arrow arrives and sees what is going on before Laurel uses her sonic scream to get away.

The other members arrive as Oliver is not happy with their performance. Back at the bunker, Oliver confronts Rene and Curtis about defying their orders.

Oliver has had enough with Rene and kicks him off the team. Dinah decides to leave the team too and goes to see Vincent as she needs someone that believes in her.

Rene brings his daughter home as he promises her that no one will ever split them up again. Back at the bunker, Curtis arrives to tell them that he is leaving the team too as he didn't appreciate them spying on him.

Unknowingly to the team, a spy-cam was planted in the bunker by Black Siren. Cayden is now able to keep tabs on Team Arrow. Anatoly, Vincent and Ricardo Diaz arrives as it is revealed that they have formed an alliance.

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Arrow Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

Rene: Why the hell isn’t Dinah here?
Curtis: Is it possible she could be even more hungover than I am?
Rene: Definitely not.

Hardly impressive. Left to his own devices, Oliver Queen will always push away the people he loves most.