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Cayden James performs several cyber attacks throughout the city which kills several innocent people, including SCPD captain Pike. Elsewhere, Oliver is teaching William archery for fun before he takes off for school.

Felicity gets alerted about the attacks just as Quentin calls Oliver to tell him what happened. At the bunker, Diggle is working out now that he has the new chip taking care of his nerve damage as Felicity shows up to tell him what happened.

Oliver heads to the police station to help deal with the situation as Oliver appoints Quentin acting captain. Elsewhere, Dinah, Curtis and Rene get a call from Felicity about what happened by Cayden.

Thea joins Oliver and Quentin at the station to help out anyway she can. Team Canary goes to look for Cayden, but run into Vincent who claims he is actually acting as a double agent within Cayden's cabal.

He warns Mister Terrific that by tonight, Cayden will have killed over hundreds of people. At city hall, Cayden makes a surprise visit to Oliver to warn him that the attacks will continue if he doesn't wire $10 million dollars to him every night.

Oliver stresses to Cayden that this will bankrupt them, but Cayden doesn't care. All Cayden cares about is making Oliver suffer. Felicity tries to figure out a way to stop Cayden through hacking. Oliver tells Felicity and Diggle what Cayden's demands were.

Felicity says to Oliver that one year ago from today marked as the day when Oliver and the others went to recruit Dinah. Therefore, there is no way Oliver could have killed Cayden's son.

Curtis returns to Team Canary's new hub to call Felicity about what Vincent said to him. On the school bus, William gets bullied by some of his classmates. Oliver reveals Diggle his new costume that Cisco made for Diggle as they go to save the day.

As one of the trains arrive, Black Canary uses her cry to stop one of them. Back at the bus, the students try to escape the bus when a gas pipe is destroyed and causes explosions. When one of the street signs falls down, William gets trapped.

Green Arrow rushes to the bus, he saves William before another explosion goes off. But William is surprised to see his dad still suited up as the Green Arrow. William is taken to the bunker where he admits his disappointment to Oliver for breaking the promise.

At Team Canary's bunker, Curtis admits to the team that Vincent told him about what was going to happen with the trains. But this makes the rest of the team pissed that Curtis didn't tell them this. 

Dinah is more upset though over Vincent, for some reason, not telling her about him being a double agent. She refuses to work with Vincent. Quentin and Thea are helping out at a community center.

Felicity gets helped by Alena that Cayden received a package in May that seems to support the idea of Oliver having killed his son. She thinks if they can discover what the "evidence" was, then maybe they can prove to Cayden that Oliver didn't do it.

Felicity feels bad for William over finding out that his dad has been lying for a while. They turn into the news where Oliver is addressing the city that Cayden James has been cyber-attacking Star City.

Cayden and his team see Oliver's press conference on the news as he decides to proceed with the next phase. Oliver returns to the bunker where Felicity tells him about what Alena discovered.

She reminds him that he needs to have a talk with William. At the other team's bunker, Rene and Curtis tell Dinah that they will respect her wishes of not working with Vincent.

Dinah tells them about how Vincent went too deep in his last cover work when they worked together as cops. Felicity gives Oliver some advice on how to approach William and deal with this situation.

Vincent uses Morse's code to tip off Team Canary through a T-Sphere where Cayden will strike next. The two teams arrive and agree to work together on this one.

A bunch of gunmen shows up as the two team goes after them. At the bunker, William and Felicity have a talk about everything as he is simply worried about the safety of his dad.

As Felicity gives William a speech about while it's OK to be afraid, it's also OK to believe that heroes will pull through. They watch through a spy camera the action going down.

Dinah meets up with Vincent to thank him as he wonders what's next. Oliver talks with William, along with Felicity, how they can communicate better as a family. He apologizes for lying to William and that he promises to never keep a secret from him again.

William says that he saw what the Green Arrow did today and that he understands how Star City needs him. Alena texts Felicity that she couldn't find anything on the files that Cayden got last year.

Oliver heads to city hall where Thea is waiting for him. He has no other choice, but to wire over the money to Cayden.

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Arrow Season 6 Episode 11 Quotes

Curtis: 1-2-3, suit up.
Rene: Yeah, I don't think we should say "suit up" altogether.
Curtis: It'd be really cool if we did, though.
Rene: I don't think it would be really cool

Thea: Cool, just like the old days.
Quentin: I'm not that old!