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Felicity has a nightmare that Diaz will always find her and her baby.

Oliver tries calling William who is not calling him back. William's message box is full.

Rene shares with Oliver that Emiko's mother was murdered, and that's why she's dead set on her mission.

Stupid Ghost Initiative stuff.

Diggle drops the bomb on Felicity and Oliver that Diaz is on his team. Felicity is not happy and contacts Laurel. It's time to finish what they started.

They plan to explode his bomb as soon as the ARGUS mission is over. Laurel kind of likes her new persona, though, so she's not so interested. She does recognize that Felicity is with child, though.

In the future, everyone is trying to find Felicity. Mia is also looking at Paul Loiseau, the last witness to have seen Felicity alive. He's dead by suicide. And the coroner? Also dead by suicide.

Boring Emiko stuff with Rene as the sudden sage.

Oliver thinks he knows why Felicity is acting so strangely lately -- because she's going to kill Diaz. She brightened when she thought Oliver had figured out about her pregnancy and paled when he mentioned the murder.

If Oliver is going to be in the field with Diaz, she's going along.

Don't be shocked -- but Diaz fried his brain bomb and is helping the bad guy. 

Whoever the hell this Dante guy is, he's crafty with knives and suddenly gives Oliver quite a fight.

Dias is running around killing people. Felicity gets him under her sites and decides not to kill him because she's better than him. Diggle hits Diaz in the head and he's caught again.

Emiko knows Dante. She says Oliver trusts her and he says it's time to come home.

Diaz sees someone in his cell window. "What are you doing here?" Burning you alive, muthafucka.

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Arrow Season 7 Episode 14 Quotes

Felicity: You realize this is the second time you've prioritized your job over keeping your friends safe?
Diggle: Working with ARGUS does keep you safe because it keeps the world safe.
Felicity: You keep telling yourself that.

You're joking. You're working with the man who threatened to kill my entire family?