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A young woman is working out and watches a news report regarding Oliver's release. She suits up in a bow and arrow and green hood. 

Oliver is in the shower and freaks out when he sees a shadow, but it ends up just being Felicity. Felicity's getting ready for an event honoring Oliver, but Oliver doesn't want to go. She encourages him and tells him it will be good for people to see him out and about, without the mask. He wishes her a happy anniversary and they make love. 

At the prison reform social event, Rene complains to Dinah about all these politicians pretending to give a damn when they don't actually do anything. Dinah asks him if he's ever thought about running for office. 

Oliver is bombarded by reporters when he arrives at the event. Felicity manages to shut them down and get past them with Oliver in hand. They run into Max Fuller and they recount their troubled history. He tries to talk to him about being the Green Arrow, but Felicity drags Oliver away again. 

They meet up with all their friends. Rene asks him if he's going to put the hood back on. Both Oliver and Dinah remind Rene that's not possible. Lyla asks him what's next but all Oliver knows is he wants to find a new way to help the city. 

Felicity tells Curtis she's developing a new security system and Laurel stops by and pays her a compliment. The other friends give her crap, but Felicity stands up for her. Oliver tepidly gives his thanks. 

Oliver's called up to the stage to give a speech. During his speech, an arrow kills one of the men on stage. Oliver manages to stop the second arrow. Rene assures the team that this wasn't the new Green Arrow. Oliver asks Dinah if he can be a consultant for this case. Rene asks to help too. 

That night, Rene gives Oliver all of the intel he has on the new Green Arrow. With Dinah's security footage, Oliver is able to pinpoint who the target of the attack was. Clayton Ford, who has been a prominent Glades ally, was the target which doesn't fit the description of the types of people the new Green Arrow goes for. Oliver and Dinah convince Rene to arrange a meeting. 

At ARGUS, Lyla and Diggle discuss the Dante painting. It's being used as an identification protocol within terrorist circles. These groups are using the name Dante as some sort of contact. Lyla shows Diggle the transactions between Dante and The Longbow Hunters. 

Oliver directly asks the new Green Arrow if they are a killer, but they just run away. Oliver attempts to catch them but they manage to escape. 

The press bombards Oliver at the precinct, but Dinah sends them away. Dinah informs Oliver and Rene that the new Green Arrow is innocent because Clayton Ford was found dead while Oliver and Co. were chasing him. 

After Dinah's reprimanded by the mayor, Oliver decides to check in on Max Fuller who's a Yale alumnus just like the two victims. 

Max pours drinks for him and Oliver at Max's new club. Oliver questions Max about the two victims and Max hints that they might've gotten into some trouble with the triad.

Oliver comes home and Felicity realizes none of her security measures triggered. Someone breaks into their apartment and starts shooting arrows at them. Oliver manages to stop him and Felicity pulls out a gun and shoots him when he gets up. 

Dinah takes the man into custody and Oliver questions Felicity about the gun. He's upset that she's acting differently, but she tells him it's his fault for leaving her and William alone and scared. She tells him the old Felicity's gone and not coming back. 

Dinah tells Oliver she got an ID for the guy that broke into his house, Frank "The Mirror" Cassidy. Oliver realizes that the man was hired by Fuller and he also took out the other two victims. Rene and Dinah convince Oliver to suit up again. 

Oliver meets Diggle at the bunker and picks up his suit. He decides not to wear the mask because he wants to be accountable for the Arrow's actions. The mission goes well, Oliver and Dinah take down Fuller and arrest him. 

At the precinct, the mayor wants Dinah to resign, but Dinah instead tells the mayor her plan to have Oliver work with the SCPD. 

Diggle and Lyla visit Slabside, where Diaz is being held in solitary confinement. Diggle tells him they need his help. 

Oliver comes home and talks to Felicity so more about how she's changed. She tells him she doesn't know if what's best for her right now is what's best for them. 

The woman from before is at Robert Queen's gravesite and she tells him she's not giving up. 


William, Dinah, and Zoe arrive at a fight club searching for Blackstar, without Roy because he'd get in serious trouble if he was caught there. 

They find Blackstar in the cage beating the crap out of some big guy. Later, William asks to talk to her but she refuses until he gives her some money. 

Zoe asks her how she knows Felicity. She claims she doesn't but when they tell her Felicity's dead, she seems shocked. Blackstar and Dinah have a tense confrontation about who is really at fault for the shape Star City's in. She admits to Zoe and William that Felicity enlisted her to get an electrical firing circuit and some transmitters. 

She didn't ask why she needed them. The trio is about to leave before she gives them some advice: asking questions about Felicity Smoak won't end well. 

Dinah shows William at a tattoo on her wrist that symbolizes the mark of four, something Oliver came up with after William left. It shows the four pillars of heroism. Roy saw the symbol on the inside of Oliver's bow and that's why he came with William back to Star City. 

She tells him that there is a lot more of his dad in him then he realizes. She asks him what does he think of Blackstar. He says he knows she knows more then what she's letting on. 

They go through her belongings and find the schematics of a potential bomb, the same as Felicity. They think she still plans to follow through with it. Dinah suggests going to the Glades but William thought they weren't welcomed there. 

Dinah says her and William aren't but Zoe is. A hesitant Zoe decides it's time to pay her dad a visit. 

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Arrow Season 7 Episode 8 Quotes

Rene: Rich folk and politicians fronting like they actually care about prison reform. If everyone in here actually gave a crap, they'd use that money to help people in hard-up neighborhoods who end up in the system because they don't have anything else...What?
Dinah: You ever think about running for office?

Max Fuller: Hey man, I know we've had some bad history...
Oliver: You had your bodyguards kick the crap out of me and Tommy at your club.
Max: Right, well you slept with my wife. Well, now my ex-wife. Dude, all of that is in the past, okay. Dude, you're the freaking Green Arrow.
Felicity: Well I'm Felicity, I'm the wife of the freaking Green Arrow. It sounded a little less strange in my head.