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Lucy Lawless' character is here! She's at Kelly's parents' house. She wants to know where the book is and she's willing to scoop Kelly's dad out of the ground for answers.

Meanwhile, the trio has landed at Books of the Beyond. Pablo is glad they're sending evil away, but sad they're breaking up the team so early. Ash is an alone wolf, anyway.

Ash enters Books from Beyond just as Amanda is leaving. She's outside chatting on the phone, hoping to get the sketch from the trailer park murders, while the book is being examined. She gets it and it's Ash.

The bookstore owner is so excited about the book. 

Ruby is on her way.

Kelly tells Pablo he's like the little brother she never had. He hopes perhaps he's like a bad boy who can't be trusted. But then he sees Amanda take a gun out of her car and go into the bookstore.

When she tells Ash to get on his knees, Pablo knocks her out with a bone. 

Ash is hoping Lionel will know how to press the undo button inside the book so they can just rid the world of evil. Lionel is so excited to about the book, he seems unwilling to just do it. The book is harmless unless wielded by someone really evil or really stupid. Ash suggests maybe a mistake by a really cool guy?

Amanda tries to get Kelly to think Ash is a bad guy while Lionel creates a symbol on the ground in the back room for a summoning. As long as they don't break the circle, things will be fine. It's like spilling paint on a painting. That is incorrect, Pablo assures Ash. Ash has his gun, so he's happy. Ash is hoping for a whimpy demon. 

Lionel chooses a demon who preys on the spiritually and emotionally weak. That seems like a really poor idea.

Amanda knows people turn into monsters, so her argument against Ash doesn't make a lot of sense.

The demon is summoned, and it doesn't sound whimpy. It seems pretty darn demonic.

A pickled fetus of a cow? comes alive inside a jar. 

The demon comes on up through the symbol. It seems unlikely it will remain contained. It looks like a man with a pair of underwear pulled down over his face. 

Amanda the asshole comes raging into the room guns a blazing and thanks to her Ash breaks the circle. The demon pulls Ash into the circle. Then the thing knocks her out and Ash is on his own trying to shoot it while Lionel tries to reverse summon it. 

Before Lionel can finish, the demon throws glass into Lionel and kills him. 

Meanwhile, the special effects of Ash and Pablo as the demon touches them are freaking awesome. Kelly picks up the book and smashes the demon in the head. That seems to get rid of him.

Amanda cuffs Ash's wooden hand, which he unscrews. He cuffs Amanda to the store and leaves. 

Pablo has an uncle who is a shaman. They'll head off to see him. Ash isn't going to be an alone wolf for now.

Lionel? Well, he's a deadite. Sorry Amanda. Good luck with your cuffed self! I'm sure she'll get out of it.


Ash vs Evil Dead
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Ash vs Evil Dead Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Ash: OK, look, if we get this done quick enough, we might have time to stop for churros. That's not a racist thing, Pablo. That's just a great dessert.
Pablo: OK. You know I'm not Mexican, right?
Ash: That's the spirit. Sit tight, watch the wheels, be back in jif.

Hello? Guy with a very special book. Looking to save the world with it!