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Ash is looking to leave, he's getting ready to pack up his trailer and leave Mossy Haven. Kelly took the book and went to help her dad. Ash and Pablo take the trailer to help. But Mr. Roper is in the car on the attack. Where the hell did he come from?

Pablo thinks everything about Ash is so cool. When he asks him for a towel to clean up the blood, Ash happily hands him a business card to scrape it off.

Amanda is doing some investigating at the trailer park. She spots some body parts and the books card on the ground.

At Kelly's parents's house, the bloody duo arrives, Pablo with the bottle in his hands, Ash with a tale about an exploding deer on the grill of his car. Kelly's mother is Mimi Rogers, who was apparently suffering of amnesia until yesterday. Ash thinks it's nuts. The flies on her forehead fit in well with Ash's story.

Amanda's boss finds her at the scene and yells at her.

Pablo then confesses to Ash that he's the one who took the book. He even has it in his bag. Worse? Ash thinks both mom and dad are deadites. The door of the RV blows in. Why didn't her parents kill Kelly then? Before they got here? Because Kelly is the bait. Ash is the whale. Pablo thinks she's a real mom.

Kelly's mom has a lot of memories for someone who has no memories...so says Ash. He imagines her eating, with her gravy squishing down the front of his face. While he continues to be rude and question things, flies whirl around her face. Ash punches her in the face, and while everyone fusses over it, she turns, killing dad and climbing the ceiling.

Pablo has grabbed a big knife, but Kelly has escaped to her room. Her mother is singing a lullaby. Uh oh. Ash and Pablo arrive. Ash wrestles with power mom, but Pablo saves the day when he sticks a knife into her head...well, he almost saves the day. she pulls it out while Ash struggles to get the chainsaw moving. He cuts her head off like a slice of roast. Pablo is constantly covered in blood.

Ash buries the bodies, puts up crosses. They all drink around the graves. The evil forced Kelly to think her mom was alive and killed her dad. Pablo uses the moment to ask Kelly to join the fight.

Amanda arrives at Books from Beyond.

Ash vs Evil Dead
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Ash vs Evil Dead Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Pablo: Is this what it's like to be you?
Ash: Yep, pretty much. I've never killed my boss before, so that was new.
Pablo: That was the scariest thing that ever happened to me, I thought I was dead. But then it was so cool when you said to me, 'thanks for the heads up.' At first I thought, did he mean it like that? But then I realized, it's the jefe. Of course he did. [laughs]
Ash: This ain't my first rodeo, kid.

Ash: Well, for your first time you did great. Most folks end up dead.
Pablo: I don't want to end up dead like most folks.