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Ruby shows up just in time to save Amanda at Books from Beyond.

The three amigos have to stop on the road to allow Kelly to vomit. She just has a slight concussion. Soon the car is taken out over by demons and Ash decides to use the nitrous he installed on his car. It works for about two seconds. They make it inside Pablo's uncle's property, which is full of talismans. They're safe.

Ruby is the daughter of the people who owned the cabin in the woods, sister of Annie. She's been searching for vengence. The deadite says he knows who she is, casting a wee bit of doubt on what she says.

Pablo left his family, and now he realizes he probably made a mistake, especially since he wound up working at the value stop. Pablo's uncle sees a dim light in Ash's eyes, not enough to do what he needs done. Ash is, of course, insulted. In the meantime, Kelly is walking around the property and hearing the talismans talking to her. That one's unwell, the uncle says.

If she wasn't unwell, she soon will be, as he's mixing up a concoction of maggots. Ash takes the concoction. He doesn't think anything is happening. Meanwhile Ruby unwraps his hand. She says it hasn't moved for 30 years, but now it is. It seems to want to go back to its master.

Ash looks at the uncle and notices an eyeball in his mouth. Oh no. Don't eat that. Ash's life starts passing before his eyes. It's a bunch of beer, porn and Value Stops. He suddenly realizes his eyes are sewn shut. He has to just be, exist insdie himself in order to see.

Kelly is possessed by the demon. Uh oh. She incapacitates Pablo so she can get her hands on Ash

Ash is hiding out in his mental version of Jacksonville when the demon, who low looks like a piece of skin sausage with a whole ripped in it around his mouth...so gross, enters in an attempt to messw ith Ash. When he takes control of his dream to get the sausage demon out, he's actually choking Kelly. Of course, he doesn't know that. So Pablo comes over and smashes Ash on the head. Is he stuck in his dream for ever?

Ash vs Evil Dead
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Ash vs Evil Dead Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Pablo: What's up with your radio?
Ash: Nothin'. Like any high quality automobile, you just have to hit the dash a few times.

Ash: Pablo, I hope your uncle can help us out, because me no likey being responsible for everything bad.
Pablo: Ahh. Yeah. Me no likely, either.