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Kelly takes the the fight to Ruby but mistakenly goes at it alone. Kelly surprises Ruby and shoots her numerous times. Kelly initially gets the upper hand, and is almost successful in using the Kandarian dagger on Ruby. However, Kelly is eventually overpowered and Ruby ends up breaking Kell's leg and retreiving the dagger.

In a last ditch effort, Kelly tackles ruby, but is stabbed in the chest by the dagger. Kelly succumbs to her wounds and dies.

Ruby is alerted by Kaya through the Necronomicon that they must stop the rift from being opened so that the Dark Ones do not escape. Ruby then uses a ritual to release Kaya from her prison and transfers her sould into Kelly's body to use it as a vessel.

Ash and Brandy make arrive back at the house, were they begin to share a few father/daughter moments and begin to strengthen their relationship.

At the front door, Ash is visited by several people who claim to be more Knights of Sumeria. Ash tells them about Dalton's fate and the man that visited Brock and ended up locked in the cellar, where Ash decides to take them to.

Upon their arrival, they find that the Knight that was trapped in the cellar (Gary) was trying to decipher the missing pages, which is what the writings Ash found on the wall previously.

Pablo learns where Ash is and meets him at the department store. Using his newfound Brujo skills, Pablo is able to figure out the incantation and open the rift into the Dead Lands -- where The Dark Ones reside.

One of the Knights goes into the rift to see what's inside, but is immediately pushed back out from the portal.

Ash senses something is wrong, and realizes that the Knight is a demon and begins to fust with the other members as he touches them. They merge into one monstrosity as Ash and Pablo attempt to defeat it.

Ash is finally able to kill it by chopping its head off.

They return back to the house where Ash and Brandy are greeted by Kelly, unknowingly possessed by Kaya.

Ash vs Evil Dead
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Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

I can't believe this. A week ago I was cramming for midterms and now I'm running from the cops!


You're almost there. Once that idiot Ash Williams is dead, you and I will go on to immortal glory.