Reading Between The Lines
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Ash and Natalie continue to be stalked by Ruby's child, which Ash eventually deduces is actually a mini version of himself.

Ash attempts to capture the child in an attempt to prove to Brandy that Ruby isn't to be trusted, however Natalie is more concerned with killing it, as she attempts to shoot it with Ash's boom stick on numerous occasions.

While hiding, Ash comes across numerous candid photos of himself throughout his life, realizing that Ruby has been spying on him his whole life.

While Ash is distracted, Natalie knocks him out and steals his gun as she attempts to escape. However, mini Ash appears and devours her head.

Ash eventually comes to and locates Natalie's headless body. He finds Ruby's child and attempts to coax him out of hiding, but it attacks Ash and crawls inside Natalie's body, taking control of it and fights Ash.

Ash is eventually able to trap the child inside the body and tosses it in the trunk of the Delta.

Kelly and Brandy continue to hold off Pablo's attempt on getting into the trailer. Pablo eventually breaks through the skylight and attacks them. Kelly, realizing that her infection and Pablo are connected, is able to immobilize him long enough for Brandy to stab him with the Kandarian dagger.

 Pablo suddenly finds himself in an otherworldly place and is visited by Brujo, who tells him that his mortal body is dying and will soon be consumed by the evil. Brujo helps Pablo perform a ritual that enables him to harness the power of the Brujo, making him even more powerful than Brujo ever was.

With the Necronomicon's hold over Pablo lifted, Pablo is resurrected and heads off with his newfound power to help Ash.

Kelly sends Brandy to look for Ash and goes to the hardware store, but doesn't find him. Ash suddenly drives up and tries to tell Brandy about what happened, just as Ruby appears along with a deputy.

Ash opens the trunk for proof, but only the child is found, having eaten the rest of Natalie's body. Ruby attempts to continue to try and use Brandy against Ash, but Brandy ends up siding with Ash, as she jumps into the Delta and tells Ash to join her as they drive off.

Ash vs Evil Dead
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Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

You keep your hands off of my boom stick, you got that!?


Ash: Holy hacksaw, that's a little me!
Natalie: That is yours?
Ash: Yeah, well it's not like I had sex with Ruby, but look at it. Look at the eyes, and the chin, and that little saw. What is that dastardly Ruby up to now!?