Astrid and Lilly Trying to Save the Day - Astrid & Lilly Save the World
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Val didn't get the part she wanted in the school play, which made her scream, which made Astrid and Lilly think she was being attacked.

Eventually, the poor girl does get attacked by the next monster when she goes off to cry and pull herself together.

Lilly and Candace are making friends with each other more and more, and Astrid isn't too happy about it.

Lilly offers to run lines with Candace and she says yes.

Val starts randomly reciting a Macbeth monologue in the middle of class.

Astrid gets a jack-in-a-box in her locker with her name on it.

She thinks its from Sparrow, but it most likely isn't.

Lilly gets one too, and they open theirs at the same time.

They get transported to something scary from their past.

They head straight to Brutus to get to the bottom of this new monster.

The monster takes people back to their worst childhood trauma.

He also reveals he's being affected by the monster as well, which adds another layer of urgency to their mission.

Astrid is mad at Lilly and feels betrayed.

Tate's dad is a real prick and is also friends with Candace's mom Christine. Great.

Candace lies to her mom about being at Lilly's house, which hurts Lilly.

Astrid is also being affected by the monster still, and her mom is a pain.

The tattoos that Astrid and Lilly keep seeing are coming from Christine's "Angel" monster.

Tate makes the winning goal, but his dad still doesn't look proud of him.

Brutus is suffering from this monster and still won't tell Astrid.

Everyone initially affected by the box is still being pulled back into their memories.

Lilly and Candace have a fight and Candace leaves, both in tears.

Lilly's memory is being shunned by her friends, Astrid's memory is losing her father.

Lilly defeats the monster in her memory, which means she needs to figure out how to defeat it in person. Without Astrid, who is still living the memory of her father's death.

She tried to enlist the help of Tate, but he gets sucked back into his memory.

Luckily he remembers what she said, and quickly realizes that the memory the monster was projecting wasn't true.

He wakes up and starts to help Lilly.

Lilly helps Astrid break from her dream loop, where we learn she and her mother used to be much closer.

Astrid wakes up, and Tate helps them kill the monster together.

They manage to get its A-Borg, or eye, by impaling it through the eye.

Tate is becoming nicer to the girls and wants them to explain the monster stuff as they walk him home.

Astrid and Lilly have a beautiful moment before parting ways.

Astrid's mom starts to be more understanding, and she may have lost her relationship with Sparrow.

Lilly remembers her old friendship with Candace, and is happy to be rekindling it.

Astrid & Lilly Save the World
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Astrid & Lilly Save the World Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Lilly: Hey! Heard you snagged Juliet, congrats!
Candace: Thanks! It's a little intimidating to be honest. Lotta lines.
Lilly: Oh, you'll be awesome. Just think of all the bible verses you memorized.

Brutus: A monster that, once it touches you, forces you to relive your worst memory. The flashbacks will happen more and more frequently until you get stuck in a loop at which point the monster will trap you in your own box so it can feed off your trauma forever.
Astrid: All that from a stupid Jack-in-the-box?