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Astrid & Lilly Save the World Quotes

Brutus: Look, I can't make you stay. Rule number 6795c. But you should know, the thing that has your friend is called the Tearjerker and it targets literally that cries for any reason at all.
Astrid: We gotta go. Let's go.

Astrid: What Spell?
Brutus: Oh you know, the one where you were standing 7.263 feet from each other. The copper, the fir tree bark, and the _____ when you were howling your intense pain at the moon. "aahhhhh"
Lilly: And then we said "we want you all to evaporate" backwords!
Brutus: What? No, no, only the stuff that I said.
Astrid: Why are we listening to this lunatic?
Brutus: And you really should've known better than to do it on the third Sunday of the ninth month during the pink moon! Come on.