Lilly and Astrid Peering Around a Corner - Astrid & Lilly Save the World Season 1 Episode 3
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Astrid and Lilly get a good startle from Brutus, as he sneaks up behind them.

He alerts them that their powers will be increasing: Astrid will gain super hearing and sight, and Lilly's leg will get stronger.

He sneaks upon them again in the car on the way to school, because he's worried they aren't prepared for the eight more monsters.

The girls get forced into dodgeball in P.E., where Lilly has a breakdown due to bullying experienced in dodgeball when she was younger.

Brutus tries to scare the girls again, but Astrid heard him this time, her hearing kicking in.

He warns them of a new monster but disappears before he could get the full explanation out.

At the church, Candice is still being diabolical.

Astrid and Lilly want to know more about Brutus and exactly who he is.

He avoids the question by guilting them into talking about the monster.

The monster turns itself into someone's worst fear, then kills them with it.

The monster is only killable when confronted with its own worst fear, which Brutus does not know.

The girls go to investigate their school at night, and before they leave they see a bloody handprint.

They go inside a classroom and find a substitute teacher dead on the floor.

The next day, the mean teacher Michelle is confronted in the bathroom by her worst fear: getting older.

The girls stop the clown and reassure Michelle that she looks young, but the creature disappears.

Val is next to be tortured.

She is rehearsing a monologue, and the monster's in the audience booing and heckling her.

Suddenly, she's running down the hall being chased by thespians, who disappear just when Astrid and Lilly arrive.

Brutus finally lets them in on a little about him so they can trust him more.

The church youth group kidnaps Astrid.

Lilly's mom is supportive and lets Lilly go and get Astrid back from the youth group.

Astrid and Sparrow are in the youth group together, and she smells the monster smell.

Astrid sneaks away from the room she's trapped in and learns that she can see through floors.

Christine is still conspiring with her Monster "angel."

Lilly breaks Astrid and Sparrow out of the (pretty scary) youth group meeting.

They arrive at the school to monster hunt, and the monster is disguised as a super buff dodgeball player.

Astrid figures out the solution to the monster's fear: Mayonaise.

She sends Lilly to hold off the monster as she runs to get some Mayo.

She heads into the gym, and as the monster throws the dodgeball at her, she kicks it with her super-powered leg.

Astrid runs in and squirts Mayo on the monster, which destroys him.

Lilly finished off the monster by giving him a big kick in the head, spraying green monster goo all over her leg.

This causes a problem because the body part they need is the amygdala, which is in its brain.

They sort through some goo and get most of the brain, and the relic closes.

All of the youth group are hypnotized by Christine's monster "angel," and are part of its plan.

The monster then feeds.

Brutus arrives at Astrid and Lilly's school and pretends to be Astrid's boyfriend to ward off the bullies.

Sparrow sees Lilly and Brutus together, which saddens him.

Brutus tried his first tuna salad sandwich and loved it.

They discuss the monster and how it manifested itself as a dodgeball monster for Lilly and nothing for Astrid.

Astrid seems to have survived her worst fear.


Astrid & Lilly Save the World
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Astrid & Lilly Save the World Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Brutus: Timiring is only vulnerable when confronted with its own worst fear, otherwise it's pretty much unkillable.
Astrid: And that fear would be what?
Brutus: Huh? Um... it's not specified, unfortunately.

Lilly: Why are you so invested in helping us close the portal?
Brutus: Fair enough. TLDR: I come from a long line of interdimensional monster-hunter mentors as part of an organization called the portal protectorate. Agents are trained from hatchlings to monitor the border between worlds and to step in if there's a breach. It's all very official. We even have badges!

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