Astrid at The Fair - Astrid & Lilly Save the World Season 1 Episode 2
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Astrid and Lilly get blamed by the principal for unexplained goo falling from the sky, and their punishment is to set up, and then clean up after, the extra-curricular fair.

They try to defend themselves, but the principal won't listen to them.

A new note from Brutus reveals itself, which identifies a new (unknown) monster for the girls.

Tensions are high at the fair, with the girls nervous to sign up for things and Astrid's mother angry at her for getting in trouble again.

Lilly signs up for the Yearbook, while Astrid's mom forces her to sign up for a church group.

Meanwhile, Christine still has it out for the teacher Jonas (head of the yearbook) and is still talking to her monster-angel-thing.

The girls finish cleaning up after the fair when they hear a strange noise.

Their powers start to take effect, which tells them that a monster is around.

Brutus, instead of giving them advice about their monster, wants to talk about Astrid's love life. He seems to think its important.

They finally get him to talk about the monsters.

The monster always has over 13k teeth, and only appears as a woman.

Lilly gets paired with Candace in the photography/yearbook club, much to her dismay, but they seem like they are able to get along.

Astrid and Lilly are on the prowl, trying to figure out which girl in their class is really Razor (the monster) in disguise.

They assault a woman, landing them in more trouble.

Eventually, its revealed that the monster is the woman who is helping kids with marketing skills.

Christine confirms with her "angel" that Jonas, the yearbook teacher, will be taken care of.

Brutus tries to help the girls with their confidence, having them do mantras.

The girls enlist the help of Tate (the bully they saved from Tearjerker), because their oboe to defeat Razor was confiscated by the principal.

They try to be nice to him and talk to him, but he doesn't really care.

The monster feeds off of testosterone, so they determine that the monster will appear at the game tonight.

Astrid's mother grounds her.

Lilly figures out that the marketing/furniture lady is the monster, and that her next target is Tate.

They find the monster attacking Val, but they stop her by playing the oboe.

The woman tries to convince them that she's good, trying to get rid of all the bullies that utilize their testosterone against others.

They decide to destroy the monster-woman anyway after debating amongst themselves.

The oboe creates a noise that hurts the player's ears, but Lilly finds a way to protect Astrid's ears while she plays.

The oboe causes the monster to melt into a pile of goo.

They gather some of the monster's teeth into the relic.

They feel more confident about their skills because they managed to do everything on their own.

Astrid gets the courage to ask Sparrow out, and he says yes.

Jonas didn't show up to school today, which worries the girls.

The astronomy student knows something is up with the girls and tells them details about a strange thing he saw in the sky.

Jonas is on a table, getting his blood drained into Christine's "angel" monster.

Astrid & Lilly Save the World
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Astrid & Lilly Save the World Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Brutus: True love is the most important thing in any dimension. So what you need to do is ask him out! Nothing crazy, just see if he wants to leap a few craters, skin a zordnuk: basic first date stuff... Right. Humans. I'm assuming human boys like confidence just as much as monster girls, so grab the Brutus by the horns!
Lilly: Why are you so into this stuff?
Brutus: Because love is a battlefield.

Lilly: So the monster's name is Razor? That doesn't sound safe.
Brutus: It's not. It refers to its 23,371 teeth, which coincidentally is the monster part you need to retrieve.