Surrounded By Plants - AWAY Season 1 Episode 6
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Ram asks Kwesi about gardening.

In a flashback, Kwesi gardens with his father. We learn Kwesi was adopted.

In the present, Kwesi tries to refill his syringe, but the water system stopped working.

Lu and Misha play chess. Misha's vision is getting worse. Kwesi interrupts their game because Misha needs to fix the system. He tests the sink.

Misha notifies the crew that the heart of the water system is dead, and he recommends they fix it instead of using the backup. Emma will contact Ground about the system while Ram will administer another eye exam for Misha.

Emma leaves a message for Ground, and then she leaves one for Matt, asking for his opinion.

While working out at the gym, Matt meets Travis. They talk until Matt receives Emma's voicemail. He listens to it, and then he leaves the gym.

Isaac shows Lex how to ride a motorbike at the range.

Ram gives Misha an eye exam as Emma receives a message from Ground. They want them to fix the water system if Misha aces his eye exam. Misha explains his plan to the crew, and they get to work.

Ram shuts down the system to begin fixing it. Lu takes note of the small pieces needed. Misha and Kwesi prepare to operate, and Misha asks Kwesi to say a prayer before they begin.

In a flashback, Kwesi celebrates Passover for the first time with his adoptive family.

Matt goes back to work for the first time since his stroke. He tries to take over, but Darlene stops him. 

The crew gets ready to transplant the backup water system's heart, but Misha realizes they need to replace more parts of the prime water system. Emma agrees to the new operation.

Lex finishes motorbike riding, and she talks with Isaac.

While driving home, Matt leaves Emma an audio message. He loses focus while driving, and he drives into a ditch.

As Misha operates, everyone gets anxious. Emma orders him to stop, and they test Misha's eyes. His eyesight worsened, and Misha admits he memorized the eye exam. The crew is furious. Emma orders the rest of the crew to put the backup water system back together.

Isaac drives Lex home, but on the way, Matt calls Lex and tells her that he drove into a ditch. Isaac and Lex go to pick him up. While waiting for them, Matt leaves Emma a voicemail. 

Darlene and NASA engineers discuss what is happening on the Atlas.

Isaac and Lex pull up, and Matt meets Isaac.

As the crew reassembles the backup, they break out into multiple arguments. Kwesi redirects everyone's attention to him, and he gives a speech about faith and belief. Ram asks Misha for his help. Lu also offers help.

In a flashback, Kwesi's adoptive father gives him a plant and talks to him about faith.

Isaac drives Matt and Lex home, and Matt asks Isaac questions about himself. Matt goes inside, and Isaac and Lex talk. They kiss.

The crew finished assembling the backup water system, and they test it. The system works, but only at half capacity. The crew decides to move to emergency water rations, and Kwesi will have to give up his garden.

In a flashback, Kwesi and his adoptive parents plant Kwesi's plant. Kwesi asks Miriam to say a blessing.

Lex asks Matt about a project he is working on. They talk about Isaac, and Matt does not want Lex to ride motorbikes. 

Kwesi looks at his plants, and Emma comes in. They talk until Ram comes in. Lu and Misha eventually join them. Kwesi prays.

In a flashback, Kwesi and his adoptive mother have a private funeral for his adoptive father. They pray together.

Matt gets a call from Darlene, and she updates him on the water situation. Matt says he is coming back to work to fix the issue. 

Emma goes back to her room, and she listens to Matt's voicemail. She imagines rain.

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AWAY Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Misha: When my eyes started going bad, I memorized the chart.
Ram: Misha!
Emma: Why would you do that?
Misha: Because I knew this would happen. I knew... I knew you wouldn't let me do my job. Look, I... I can do it by feel; they trained me to do it by feel. They... I would put together everything with my eyes covered. I know this ship like the back of my hand. I... I have the best hands in space; you know that.
Emma: Misha...
Misha: No, stop it! No "Misha." This is what I do.

Why does this family get to have a god, but my family did not?