Routine Check Up - AWAY Season 1 Episode 5
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Emma meets with Putney, and they discuss the upcoming spotty communication.

Matt and Lex move back home.

While decorating the ship, Kwesi's sole falls off.

Ram administers mandatory testing to the crew. Misha gets frustrated during his eye exam because he is losing his vision.

Lex gets a text from Isaac, then he calls her, and they talk. 

Ram administers Emma's check-up. 

Misha and Kwesi practice a puppet show routine, while Lu works on her own project.

Matt gets ready to grill brisket, and Lex comes back with coriander. Lex lies to Matt about why she wants to go out that night, but he says no anyway.

Melissa and Cassie stop by to bring food, and they invite Matt and Lex to their Christmas party the next day, but Matt turns them down.

Misha works on a puppet while Emma swings by his room. She tells him that he has to finish his eye exam. Misha tells Emma that the puppet show is for his grandchildren.

Matt and Lex watch a movie. Matt gets ready for bed, while Lex goes upstairs, dresses up, and sneaks out her window. Isaac picks her up.

Ram administers Kwesi's medical exam. Kwesi tells Ram about how his sole fell off. Lu interrupts and asks for her medical results.

Misha rehearses speaking to his daughter while waiting for her to answer the video call. She answers, and Misha tries to apologize, but she does not accept his apology.

Isaac drives Lex to a surprise place. Emma gets ready for her last video call with Matt. They talk, and she asks him to play the piano for her, and he does.

Isaac brought Lex to midnight mass, and he introduces her to his mother.

Matt tries to sleep, but he cannot. He gets up and goes to the garage. He tries to reach for a box from the top shelf, but he falls. He is angry.

Isaac drops Lex off at home. Once he drives away, Lex gets caught sneaking back in by Matt.

Kwesi video calls his mother. Lu video calls her family.

Misha and Kwesi put on the puppet show for Misha's grandchildren. Lu and Emma help with props, while Ram holds the tablet.

After the puppet show, Misha asks for his daughter's forgiveness again, but she does not give it. After the video call, the crew drinks together.

On Christmas morning, Matt and Lex talk about how she snuck out the night before.

Emma video calls Lex, and Lex tells Emma how she feels. They have an emotional conversation before the connection cuts them off. Matt consoles Lex.

Lu walks in on Emma crying, and Emma asks Lu for advice. 

Misha keeps making homemade vodka for himself, Kwesi, and Ram. Emma and Lu join them. Kwesi shows the crew greens he grew on the Atlas. 

Emma asks Ram about Misha's finished test results.

Matt and Lex go to Melissa and Cassie's Christmas party. They enjoy themselves while the Atlas crew celebrates Christmas in space.


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AWAY Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Isaac: How is it being home?
Lex: Weird.
Isaac: Weird how?
Lex: You don't wanna hear about it.
Isaac: I do.
Lex: It's just not what I thought it would be like.
Isaac: Like what?
Lex: There are ramps everywhere. It smells like the inside of a hospital. I won't be able to talk to my mom again for, like, two years, but my dad's decorating the tree, smoking the brisket... They're both trying so hard to make everything seem normal. But the more they try and do that, the more clear it is that it's... it's not normal. It'll never be normal.

If they wanted someone with better eyesight, they could have chosen someone who didn't log more hours in space than any other man, woman, or monkey in the history of the planet.