A Life-Altering Decision - AWAY Season 1 Episode 7
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Kwesi and Lu study a surviving plant from Kwesi's space garden.

Emma attempts to send Lex an audio message, but she is unwell, so she emails her instead. Emma struggles to be away from home.

In a flashback, Emma appears to be sick, and she breaks up with Matt. Matt realizes she is pregnant, but Emma does not want to give up flying.

Lex is riding a motorbike. She stops for a moment, and Isaac gives her advice.

Matt is at NASA, working on ensuring the backup water system survives. 

Misha and Matt have been communicating privately about the water system.

Ram administers a mandatory psychiatric evaluation for Misha, but they start arguing. Emma barges in and tells them to shut up, and she asks them to fix the comms, although they work perfectly fine.

Isaac drives Lex home, and they talk. Then, they kiss. He drives away just as Matt comes home.

Ram administers Emma's psychiatric evaluation, but she ignores him. Eventually, she opens up about Isaac and Matt.

Matt and Lex talk at dinner about Isaac's motorbikes and Emma's behavior.

Lex emails Emma, and Emma reads the email. 

In a flashback, Emma is jogging. Emma arrives at Melissa's house. She tells Melissa she is pregnant, and she does not know what to do. Scott arrives home.

Matt sends multiple messages to Emma, but she does not respond. Then, he sends an audio message to Misha.

Misha is working out when he receives Matt's voicemail. 

Matt receives a voicemail from Misha, and Misha tells him Emma is okay.

Emma is unable to sleep with Lex's words repeating in her head.

Lu and Kwesi discuss possible explanations for the surviving plant. Ram comes in and suggests they bet on it. 

Emma comes in, but she is in a bad mood. Misha comes in and explains what he has to do to the backup water system. Emma loses control of herself and says nasty things to the crew. After she leaves, they discuss her mood changes.

While at work, Matt receives another voicemail from Misha. Misha tells Matt that he made a mistake in his last message, and Emma's behavior is worrying. He goes to talk to Putney, but he leaves shortly after, unsatisfied with Putney's answers.

Lex is at the motorbike range, watching Isaac ride. She does not plan on riding to avoid Matt suspecting anything. Lex receives an email from Emma, and it upsets her. She changes her mind and decides to ride a motorbike.

Matt stops by Melissa's house, and they talk.

While riding, Lex gets into a motorbike accident. Matt and Melissa drive to the hospital, and they discuss how to notify Emma. 

Matt emails Ram about Lex's accident. Ram, Lu, Kwesi, and Misha listen to Matt's audio message, and then they discuss whether to tell Emma about Lex or not.

Emma walks in on the crew talking, and Misha tells her about Lex. Emma breaks down, and she wishes she never went on the mission.

Lu and Misha want Ram to be the commander temporarily, but Ram needs time to think. Lu realizes Emma's behavior is because she is dehydrated -- she uses her water rations to water the plant.

Melissa and Matt arrive at the hospital, and Melissa screams at Isaac. They go into Lex's hospital room, and she is okay.

Emma receives a message saying Lex is okay.

Lu and Kwesi discuss how Emma watered the surviving plant. 

Ram gathers water bags for Emma, and Matt notifies him that Lex is okay. Ram sends Matt an audio message, updating him on Emma's condition.

Ram administers a saline drip for Emma, and he gives her his jacket. They have an emotional conversation. Once he leaves, Emma sleeps for a while, and when she wakes up, she looks out her window.

Matt reads an email Emma sent to Lex.

In a flashback, Emma gets ready to fly a T-38, despite the risk for pregnant people. She decides to get off the plane and goes to sit inside. When Matt joins her, she tells him she is having the baby. 

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AWAY Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

I told myself I'd miss things, but it's much harder than I ever imagined. Earth is so far away now, Lex. Just a dot, a tiny dot of light in the sky, which means you're farther away. I just wanna stay close to you.


Lu: How can this be?
Kwesi: Have you ever seen a dandelion grow through a crack in the cement? There's a Swedish study about children who thrive against all odds. They call them dandelion kids. Uh... My mother was a child psychologist.
Lu: So you're saying there's no explanation?
Kwesi: Maybe it's a miracle.