Cards on the Atlas - AWAY Season 1 Episode 3
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Lex helps Matt with his exercises. She tells him she is not going back to school yet.

Emma tells the crew Mei from Mission Control got reassigned to a new mission back in China. Lu leaves the room, upset.

In a flashback, Lu works on her English skills when Mei walks in. They talk.

In the present, Lu calls Li Jun and asks to speak with Mei. Li Jun tells Lu she found a note from her in Mei's desk, which was why she had Mei transferred. Lu is not allowed to speak to Mei, and she starts crying.

Emma checks on Lu, and then she calls Jack, who is replacing Mei.

Emma and Matt talk on the phone about Lex returning to school.

Misha, Kwesi, Ram, and Jack play a game of poker. They discuss Mei's unexpected transfer, and Jack tells them he heard about Lu and Mei's secret relationship. Misha does not believe it.

Lu video chats with her husband and son.

In a flashback, Mei shows Lu how she learned English -- doing karaoke.

Lex talks to Emma on the phone while on her way back to school. Then, Emma calls Melissa just to check if Lex is really okay.

Kwesi asks Ram about his relationship with Emma, and he deflects by bringing up Lu and Mei. Emma comes in, and Lu follows a few minutes later.

Lu heats her breakfast then asks Misha how to change her comms channel to private. Misha refuses and tells Lu everyone knows about her and Mei.

Lu goes back to her food and yells at Emma, thinking Emma was the one who told everyone about her and Mei. Lu storms out, and Kwesi tells Emma that Jack told them about Lu and Mei.

During lunch, Lex gossips with her friends. Cassie points out a junior staring at them. Lex gets a reminder notification about her dad's doctor's appointment.

At Matt's doctor appointment, Matt tests his mobility. The doctor tells him full restoration of mobility in his legs is unlikely, but Matt is defiant.

Emma reprimands Jack for outing Lu. Then, she speaks to Lu through Lu's door and tries to comfort her.

In a flashback, Lu and Mei are doing karaoke. Afterward, they go back to Lu's apartment, and Mei discovers Lu's brush calligraphy. Mei asks Lu to write her name. Lu agrees to give Mei brush calligraphy lessons. Then, Mei tries to kiss Lu, but Lu turns her down out of honor, but she still has feelings for her.

Lex visits Matt in the hospital after school and tells him she feels like she needs to be by his side. He comforts her.

Jack calls Emma and suggests setting up a private line for Mei and Lu to talk discreetly. 

Lu apologizes to Ram, Kwesi, and Misha for losing her composure. Ram and Kwesi apologize, but Misha does not. Emma asks to speak with Lu and tells her she has an hour to have an unmonitored phone call with Mei.

The day before Lu leaves, Mei gives her a ring and asks to stay the night and sleep next to each other.

In the present, Lu calls Mei, and they have an intimate conversation.

Matt calls Emma, and they discuss his mobility progress. The scene alternates between their phone call and Lu and Mei's.

While Lu and Mei say their goodbyes, we see a flashback of Lu leaving a calligraphy note by a sleeping Mei the morning Lu leaves. The note says, "I love you." 

The episode ends when Lu puts the ring Mei gave her on her finger.

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AWAY Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Mei: To learn a new language, you have to be fearless.
Lu: I am not afraid.
Mei: Vulnerable, then. You have to let go and risk looking a fool.

You're not used to being bad at something. Now that you have difficulty, you can't accept it.