Saving Ram - AWAY Season 1 Episode 4
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Ram left crew quarters and heads to the airlock. Jack Willmore, watching security cameras of the Atlas at NASA, tries to get his attention, but Ram ignores him.

Alarms go off, waking up the rest of the crew. Jack calls Emma and tells her Ram is trying to open the airlock.

Ram has blurry flashbacks, and he starts banging on the door. 

Emma tries to pull him away, but he shoves her back. Emma tells Lu to get the Ativan, while Misha drags Ram away from the airlock. 

The crew holds Ram down while he screams hysterically. Emma injects Ativan into Ram. Then, Emma realizes Ram has a high fever, and orders the rest of the crew to put on protective gear.

Matt is in group therapy at the hospital's rehab facility.

Lex has an appointment with Emma's psychiatrist, Putney. Emma told Putney that Lex got a C on her test. When Lex finds out Emma told Putney, she storms out of his office.

Emma tells Kwesi, Misha, and Lu that she spoke with Ground, and they told her he tested positive for the Epstein-Barr virus, also known as Infectious Mononucleosis, and space triggers the virus. Emma tells them to take antivirals, and volunteers to administer Ram's antivirals.

Emma gives Ram his first dosage of antivirals. Ram hallucinates his brother. Ram tells Emma to put him in the airlock if the virus does not run its course within forty-eight hours.

Lex calls Emma from school, furious that Emma went to Putney before talking to her. While Lex talks to Emma, the junior from lunch comes up to her. Once Lex hangs up, they talk. His name is Isaac.

Darlene, George, Li Jun, and other country representatives talk about Ram's health. Ram is not in touch with his family.

Lu, Kwesi, and Misha all test their body temperatures, and they are all normal. They talk about Ram.

Kwesi goes down to crew quarters and updates Emma on everyone else's health. She refuses to leave, so Kwesi stays with her.

Ram has a flashback to his childhood when he was sick with typhus. His brother visits him while sick, and he tells Ram a story.

Travis, another person at the rehab center and in group therapy, runs into Matt outside. Travis tells Matt not to pass his tests to go home, so he has more access to the center.

Lex looks up Isaac on social media with Cassie. She finds an obituary for Isaac's father.

Emma video chats with Matt, and he tells her about what Travis told him.

Ram hallucinates another flashback to when he was sick with typhus. His brother visits Ram again, despite being told not to. Ram accidentally falls and injures himself badly because of the hallucination.

Jack Willmore monitors Ram's vitals and notifies Emma when he sees Ram's are going down.

The crew goes to Ram's door, but he tells them not to come in. They ask Ram for information about his injury, and he needs stitches.

Ram tries to treat his injury himself. Kwesi tells Darlene and Jack what happened, but he hangs up on them after they tell him nobody should go into Ram's room.

Emma goes into Ram's room despite his protests. Kwesi and Lu follow inside to help Emma. Misha leaves, but he comes back with a stapler and staples Ram's injury.

Lex and Matt eat lunch, and he tells her he will not be coming home yet. Then, Matt tells her he spoke to Lex's teacher, and she will retake a test she got a C on.

The crew disinfects Rams' room. Emma properly sews Ram's injury and asks him who Rohit is. Ram tells Emma that Rohit is his brother, but he died when they were younger because he eventually caught typhus from Ram and died from it.

Lex is about to retake her test, but she sees Isaac walk by outside. She asks to use the bathroom, but she leaves and catches up with Isaac. They go to a motorbike dirt path.

Matt gets a call notifying him about Lex walking out of her test retake. Then, he goes to take his physical mobility tests, and he decides to pass them.

Kwesi knocks on Emma's door, and he tells her Ram is getting better. Emma checks on Ram, and he talks about his family.

Lex watches Isaac ride for a while at the motorbike range, and then she joins him on his bike.

There is a flashback to Rohit's funeral.

Matt leaves the hospital, while Emma watches Ram sleep.

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AWAY Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

You know, when I was little, kids used to say that when people died, they'd go up into the sky. And I was like, "No, that's where my mom goes. She's not dead; she's an astronaut."


Matt: I'm sorry. I... I know I should be grateful for what I do have.
Walt: We're all on different journeys, Matt. There's no need to apologize.