The First Image From Mars - AWAY Season 1 Episode 10
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While the Atlas crew descends to Mars, their ship malfunctions and blows up, but Emma wakes up -- it was just a dream. Everyone else is sleeping.

Matt dreams of Emma with him, but then he wakes up.

Isaac secretly stayed the night, and Lex sneaks him out the door.

Lex comes down for breakfast. Matt wants to invite people over, but reporters barricade in front of their house.

The Atlas crew reviews the plan for the descent to Mars.

Melissa and Cassie pick up Matt and Lex, and they go to Travis's ranch for horseback riding.

Emma and Ram prepare the ship for landing. Ram tries to talk about his confession of feelings, but Emma changes the subject.

Kwesi, Misha, and Lu complete their duties for landing. Emma comes in and gives Lu CNSA's photograph instructions.

After horseback riding, Matt, Lex, Melissa, and Cassie toast to Travis and Veronica's engagement.

Matt and Melissa talk and Melissa tries to confess her feelings. The hospital calls with Lex's CCM test results.

Kwesi joins Ram in the command module, and they talk about Ram's feelings for Emma.

Emma gets an audio message from Lex, and Lex tells her that she does not have the CCM gene. Emma hallucinates Matt, and they have an emotional conversation.

At NASA, Li Jun receives Lu's message. Matt comes in, and he talks with Darlene. Natalya, Misha's daughter, talks with Kwesi's mother. Lu's son expresses his anxieties about the landing with his father.

Melissa talks to Lex. Lex tells Melissa she loves Isaac, and Matt overhears. Matt tells Lex to invite him to NASA. Matt and Melissa talk.

Lu helps Misha suit up, and they have an emotional conversation.

Ram helps Emma suit up, and they reconcile. Kwesi checks on them.

Kwesi's prayer plays as a voiceover while the crew buckles in their seats in the command module. They get ready to send video messages to their families at NASA.

Isaac comes to NASA, and an assistant brings the crew's families to the main room. The families watch the video messages while the Atlas descends to Mars. After the video messages are over, the Atlas lands on Mars.

Misha steps on Mars first, followed by Lu, Kwesi, Ram, and Emma. Pegasus arrived intact.

At NASA, they wait for confirmation from the Atlas. Once they get Emma's message, everyone celebrates. NASA receives an incoming image, and it is the Atlas crew posing for a photo.

The episode ends with the Atlas crew on Mars.


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AWAY Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

If only everything lost on this journey could come back, huh?


Can I say one thing? Ten hours from now, we are going to be standing on Mars.