Hate to Sour the Mood - AWAY Season 1 Episode 9
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The Atlas is two weeks away from landing on Mars. Misha fell asleep next to the water system. A noise inside the system woke him up.

Matt receives a phone call, and he must go into work to help figure out what to do about the broken water system.

Now that everyone is awake on the Atlas, they work together to try and fix the system. They have enough for less than two days.

Kwesi comes up with a plan and tells the crew how his birth parents died.

Lu comes up with an impossible suggestion, Emma goes to tell Ground.

At NASA, Matt comes up with ideas with his team to figure out how to get the crew more water.

Emma leaves an audio message for Matt and Lex, while Ram interrupts and updates Emma on the situation.

Lex listens to Emma's message, and Melissa and Cassie comfort her. The doorbell rings, and it's Isaac. Isaac and Emma talk, and he apologizes. They kiss.

The Atlas crew discusses the plan for getting more water for them. Misha tells Kwesi about Spektr, a Russian ghost story based on what happened in space in the 1990s.

The crew gets their personal belongings from their quarters in case drilling the walls for water goes wrong.

Darlene and George check on Matt to see if he has another plan before the crew drills the walls. He has an idea, but the test run bursts into flames.

Isaac takes Lex to church and prays for her. They talk, and then they pray together.

The crew begins to the process to drill the walls for water. The plan goes awry, and the team must evacuate. 

The Atlas notifies Ground of the failed plan, and George and Darlene prepare to announce the crew's inevitable deaths. Matt tries to stop them but to no avail.

Matt accidentally injures himself but comes up with another idea because of it.

The crew talks about their impending deaths until they get a message from Matt. We learn about the plan from Matt demonstrating to George, Darlene, and other officials. George still wants the crew's last words before they try Matt's idea.

Isaac and Lex grab food. While eating, Melissa calls Lex for the fourth time, but Lex ignores the call.

Lu explains the plan while Ram and Emma suit up. Emma gets a message from Matt, and she reads it while hallucinating Matt.

Lu tells the crew she wrote last words as Ram and Emma get ready. Kwesi prays on behalf of the crew. Before Emma joins Ram in the airlock, Misha says a few words to her. Emma and Ram begin decompression.

Isaac and Lex cuddle together on the back of his pickup truck. They talk, then kiss. Lex ignores a phone call.

Matt calls Melissa. When he hangs up, Darlene tells him that the crew sent Ground their last words, but Matt does not want to read them.

While decompressing, Ram tells Emma how he feels about her. Once decompression is complete, Emma and Ram begin their spacewalk.

Emma and Ram are successful in getting water. They finish their spacewalk and go back inside the airlock. They decompress.


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AWAY Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Freddie: Okay, but how do we deal with the impossible problem of getting water out of the hull in 2.7-kelvin temperatures?
Matt: That's why you joined NASA, isn't it? To solve impossible problems?

Lu: How about the uh, bladders of water that are surrounding the ship?
Ram: Through the walls?
Misha: Yeah, absolutely not.
Kwesi: Why? Why can't we?
Misha: Because it's impossible.
Emma: I'll get on it with Ground. The impossible's where we're at.