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The long-awaited season finale of AWAY is here, and it did not disappoint.

Not only did AWAY Season 1 Episode 10 exceed every expectation, but it delivered a riveting finale full of emotion and hope.

Of course, there was no shortage of decision-making, but "Home" focused on dealing with your feelings when you cannot choose whom you love.

The First Image From Mars - AWAY Season 1 Episode 10

With only hours away from landing on Mars, the crew and NASA workers have plenty of things to do. Lu, in particular, has a tough decision to make that requires her to listen to her values. Her dilemma begs the question -- how far would you go for the country you represent? When is it time to stand up for yourself and listen to your heart?

Lu listening to her heart brought her character full circle. She always had a big heart, but actually listening to it would be unheard of earlier episodes. When Lu makes this decision, she shows that she has come a long way since the Atlas left for Mars.

The best time to witness character development is often during a finale, and AWAY really delivered with Lu's character. 

Lulishka, people who don't know you think you are cold. I know you have the biggest heart of anyone I've ever met. Now, let me tell you something; it took me almost sixty years to learn. Motherland is just an idea. Borders don't exist. The only thing that matters is the people you love. Whatever you owe them, you already paid, and if they're not proud of who you really are, Lu, they're just stupid fools.


Relationships also developed significantly on "Home." Love is not always romantic and AWAY showed us time and again. This show has no shortage of love, whether it is platonic, familial, and romantic. In each of these instances, the bonds created between characters are strong and everlasting. Nothing short of pure magic.

Ahead of the Curve - AWAY Season 1 Episode 10

No wonder Kwesi values people the most. He recognizes what most cannot -- the magical connections formed between people.

A unique aspect of love is the choices we make because of how we feel, and on "Home," there are plenty of decisions made based on love.

Emma and Ram is the most evident relationship. Regardless of romance, they have a bond that runs extremely deep, but Ram is in a tight spot after confessing his feelings on AWAY Season 1 Episode 9.

Ram has two choices: he can continue keeping his relationship with Emma strictly professional or put his feelings aside and be there for her. Emma needs someone to be there for her during this stressful time, and realistically, there is no better support for Emma than Ram at that moment.

Emma is under a lot of pressure, and as the commander, she still feels responsible for her crew. She is a great commander, but Ram stepped in when she needed someone the most.

Nothing to Apologize For - AWAY Season 1 Episode 10

Someone had to remind Emma that they completed the checklist, and all they could do was climb into the command module, buckle in, and descend to Mars. Ram reminded Emma that she finished her job for now.

Emma has difficulty grasping the concept because anything she decides now is personal. Whether it is for herself or her crew, she feels like she has to make choices since there is nothing else to do. She is terrified of letting her team down because she made the call to push forward to Mars.

Ram: Emma, I know you're scared, and I know you well enough to know why, but our lives are not your responsibility.
Emma: Yes, they are. It's my job to get you to Mars.
Ram: We got each other here. Emma, I hope we make it down alive, and I hope Pegasus is waiting for us when we land, but whatever happens, in about an hour, the entire world is gonna stop. Billions of people are gonna stop what they're doing, and they're gonna look up at the sky, and that is something I'm willing to die for. We all are. Our deaths are not your burden to carry; do you understand?

However, once again, Emma is worried because of fear. If she took a step back and looked at the bigger picture, she would realize anything that she is not personally responsible for anything wrong that happens moving forward. She did her job to the best of her ability, and Ram helps her see that.

Emma and Ram understand each other, and their friendship is one of the most rewarding aspects of the entire show. We love their dynamic, and we hope to see more of it on future seasons.

Emma Makes It - AWAY Season 1 Episode 10

That does not mean they have to be together romantically. Emma loves Matt, and we cannot imagine her with anyone else, but it is refreshing to see that no matter what happens, Emma and Ram will always have a deep love for each other, even if it remains platonic. That is how powerful their connection is. 

But Ram and Emma are not the only ones who have to make choices based on their feelings or lack thereof. Melissa finally confesses her own feelings to Matt, who, unlike Emma, does not feel compromised.

If Emma is compromised, it suggests that she might have real romantic feelings for Ram because Matt does not seem to return Melissa's at all.

Why would Emma feel compromised while Matt does not? It does not make any sense, unless, as Kwesi said, Emma's love for Ram is more than platonic. Emma's love is one of the many reasons she is afraid she will lead her crew to their deaths. Essentially, she believes she is about to kill her loved ones. 

Of course, Emma could not be more wrong. No matter what happens, the Atlas will either make history as a team or die heroic deaths. Emma would not be killing anybody, but thankfully, they made it to Mars.  

The Martian - AWAY Season 1 Episode 10

The pivotal moment on "Home" was the final few minutes, when the Atlas landed on Mars.

Everything on AWAY led up to this moment. When Misha, Lu, Kwesi, Ram, and Emma take their first steps on Mars, the scene becomes a moment for reflection. How did they get here despite all the obstacles in their path? They almost died several times, but now they are standing on Mars. What led to this victorious moment? 

It was a combination of things. For one, their values -- hope, trust, people, faith, love, teamwork, and countless more. They would have never made it without their values guiding them, and they did every time someone had to make a choice.

It just so happens that the Atlas crew made it to Mars because they made good choices based on their values, but even if they had not, they would have still been okay, as long as they continued to stay true to themselves.

Lord God, we thank you for bringing the five of us together, and we humbly ask that you deliver us safely home. Carry us now through this crucible of fire, so that we may show the world that there is a better world, a world beyond division, and confusion, and fear. Let us discover a world beyond fear. Amen.


Kwesi's Disbelief - AWAY Season 1 Episode 10

The Atlas crew's first steps on Mars is a moment for the books, but NASA receiving Emma's message is also iconic. The way the room burst into cheers was something no one will ever forget. Chills ran down our spines, and we just wanted to replay the scene over and over again. 

The emotions captured in that room are so memorable, and this scene was the most satisfying way that AWAY Season 1 could end.

Plus, Li Jun frowning at the Atlas's image was a spectacular bonus.

AWAY had a beautiful first season for a science fiction show about family, choices, and faith. We only hope Netflix renews AWAY for a second season so we can continue this journey with the Atlas crew and their families on Earth.

Can I say one thing? Ten hours from now, we are going to be standing on Mars.


Well, Fanatics, it is your turn!

What did you think of AWAY's season finale? Did it meet all of your expectations? What did you think of Lu's last-minute decision? What do you make of Emma and Ram's relationship, or Matt and Melissa's? Are you hoping for a season renewal? 

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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If only everything lost on this journey could come back, huh?


Can I say one thing? Ten hours from now, we are going to be standing on Mars.