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Matty, Bailey, and Jenna go to the local seedy liquor store to buy beer, and run into Val who now works there. Bailey and Matty quickly leave the store, but Jenna stays hoping to talk with Val. Val, who is eating her feelings with red hots, licorice, and beef jerky tells Jenna to go f**k herself.

Jenna contemplates taking her relationship slow with Matty instead of rushing right into the “benefits,” namely prom.

Ming faces a coup d’état from the Asian Mafia. Ming is told by a mysterious Asian to meet at school at the dead of night. Becca is waiting for Ming, and tells her that she has run the mafia into the ground.

Jenna, with some help from Matty, decides that if she had the power to get Valerie fired, then she has the power to un-fire her. She pesters the principal into letting Valerie have a hearing to air her side of things.

Lacey, now fired from being school nurse, is unsure of what to do with her life. Jenna says she’s a good motivational speaker, so she should motivate Val to go to her hearing.

Matty comes to visit Jenna, and asks if it’s okay with her if he asks Bailey to prom.

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