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Jenna feels that all of her previous feelings for Matty are gone after being with Luke. Jenna quickly gets herself into mind drama when Matty walks up to them mid lip lock for the GFBFBFFF concert. He offers to give Luke his ticket so Jenna go with him.

The next day, Tamara and Jake argue over the tickets and Val brings them and Matty and Jenna into her office for a counseling session. Jenna hopes that Matty can find someone to go with so he doesn't feel alone, so they bring Eva along. 

Eva helps the gang get some fake IDs so they can get Alcohol at the venue, and Sadie begins to poke holes in Eva's stories. Eva pulls her aside and threatens to end her relationship with Austin with the night she and Matty slept in the same bed. Jenna soon realizes that she still has feelings for Matty. Sadie tells Austin about the night with Matty, and he breaks up with her.

Later that night Jake, Matty, and Eva start drinking in his car, and Eva leaves to get freshened up. Jake and Matty are arrested by a cop for drinking, and Eva just looks on and walks away. 

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Awkward Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Playing matchmaker with an ex proves you've gone from Point A to Point Cray.


Eva, you neglected to tell us this place is on the corner of Hep C and Rape.