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Jenna runs into Owen in the hallway back at school, and worries that she’s a cougar and keeping secrets away from him. Jenna gets an email from an SCU saying she was denied admission while Tamara got in. As the day progresses, the admission rejection continues to weight on Jenna, even as she tries passing it off that she’s still waiting to hear back, and Jenna eventually takes out her frustrations out on Owen when she runs into him again at the career and college fair.

As Jenna’s day grows more and more miserable, she eventually blurts out her rejection in front of Kevin, Lacey, Tamara, and her favorite author. Unsure of what to do, Tamara grabs Jenna to try to help her work through it all, but Jenna only lashes out at Tamara for somehow getting in even after she puked all over her interviewer. Jenna’s favorite author explains to her that this is all part of the writing process: facing rejection every day, and it will only help to fuel her writing.

Elsewhere, Lissa and Tyler finally fess up to what they’ve been doing behind everyone’s backs, Lissa’s Dad confesses to being gay, and Jake locks lips with his MILF from New Year's Eve.

Finally, Jenna makes it a point to go apologize to Owen, who only sympathizes with her plight, and the two grow close again as they lean in for a kiss.

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