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Tamara and Jenna are at a college visit with Lacey and Kevin. Jake tries to get Matty to open but soons gets distracted by a text message, and Val tries to get to the bottom of Matty's moodiness but incorrectly assumes he's gay. Sadie, Matty, Jake, and Eva party at Matty's house, and Lacey soon grows annoyed with Eva - leading to a skinny dipping confrontation. 

Jenna soon grows attracted to her tour guide and fellow English major, Luke, and they soon begin making out later that night. During this Matty texts Jenna, but she doesn't look at her phone. Matty chats with Sadie and he wonders why they did not hook up. Sadie says she tried to at New Year's Eve. He kisses her and says it was like kissing his sister, and he opens up to her about being adopted. 

Tamara completely bombs her interview after being out all night partying, and Jenna aces it. 

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Awkward Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Eva: Sadie, I really admire how comfortable you are with your body. You're so brave.
Sadie: I'm not brave. I have amazing tits unlike you and your sad floppers.

O to the M to the F to the G. This place is a pinterest board full of bangable dudes.