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Jenna and Luke continue their relationship, but Jenna gets a shock when Luke says they need to keep quiet about it. She questions him, but he says it doesn't make sense to come clean about it now because everyone in work will hate them. 

Jenna got Tamara a job at work, but she got jealous when everyone loved her and still didn't like Jenna. This led to Jenna having a screaming match at her for ditching her. 

Later, T shows up at her house for help with finishing her first article for Idea Bin. Jenna reluctantly helps and T gave her the credit for it in the article and people around the office started to warm to her. 

Sadie continued to try and make Sergio jealous, but she didn't get anywhere at first, but hit a nerve when Jake posed as her boyfriend. 

Matty and Lacey were in the same German class at college and Matty tried to ditch Lacey, but she wanted him as her BFF. Later, they were studying at her house and he left because of fears of bumping into Jenna and waits outside. He looked through their old pictures and closed the episode trying to call her.

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Awkward Season 5 Episode 16 Quotes

Matty, over here. Can you move? My friend wants to sit next to me.


Jake, I need a power outlet. If my phone dies, I die.