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Tamara runs off to the navy base Adam is living in and is shocked when she can't get in to see him because of visiting times. Gabby wakes up in her car and tries to help Tamara by crying to the guy working at the gates. He calls Adam, who comes out and goes crazy at Tamara and asks her to leave, but she says she's staying. 

When he is training, he goes to the fence and Tamara gives him his grandmother's ring back, but he still doesn't want to be with her because of her lies to him. 

Jenna is going through a case of seeing her ex boyfriends and they tell her how much of a terrible person she is. She initially tries to sway them into siding with her, but in the end, she realizes it never worked with any of them because she loves Matty,

Jake tries to locate Gabby and also tells Jenna how bad she is at relationships. When he finds Gabby, she's still with Tamara and the three of them bond over a big cuddle. Jake offers to get them a hotel, but he gets pretty creepy when he says they could sleep together.

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Awkward Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

What if Adam was Mr. Big and I just let him go?


Tamara: What would you know about a real relationship?
Jenna: What does that mean?
Tamara: You fuck up all your relationships.