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Everyone at school can't seem to stay away from Jenna and Tamara couldn't be more happier about it. She tells Jenna to get ready because her life is going to change - A lot. 

Jenna is talked into going on a triple date with the two Julies. Jenna is skeptical that they are taking an interest in her, but she rolls with it and realizes how fake they really are and that she doesn't like their lifestyle. They force her to at least give the dude some fun. In the end, she runs off, meets Tamara and gets ready to have some pizza with her, while they look at wedding magazines for the wedding that isn't going to happen.

Ali throws a party for Lacey and it's full of sex toys. Lissa brings her mother along and Ali plants a vibrator in her bag and she disappears to the bathroom and reappears positively glowing. 

Matty's reputation is in the drain and he starts hanging around with the less fortunate kids in school, but he surprisingly enjoys the company. Jenna texts him informing him that she ditched the cool kids, but he blows her off to stay with his new friends.

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Awkward Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Why is everyone so post-part social to you? We were there like half a second.


Put a flavored condom on your head because your mind as about to be blown. Jenna. you are legit popular.