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Jenna is shocked to the core when the year book that Theo and Cole created, labels her as the most depressing student. She sets out to prove otherwise and attends a mother daughter show. She goes totally crazy when Lacey decides it's OK to dress as Jenna when she apparently tried to commit suicide. 

Lacey is upset by her daughter's reaction and finds herself having to change her routine, but Jenna shows up and lets her proceed with mocking her. 

Lissa steps up to take Val's job while she's away and quickly makes Jenna look stupid. 

Sadie is pissed off that her mother would mock her, but in the end, she realizes it shows that she is actually trying to get to know her and must know some stuff about her. 

Matty continues to hang out with Kyle and makes fun of Jenna in the year book, but he does declare that she is his best friend. 

Tamara gets set to dump her fiance, but he puts a massive ring on her finger and it leads to her wanting to keep up the charade even longer, with Jenna completely shocked by her actions.

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Awkward Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Kyle: I'm sorry, Matty. Run ins with your ex can be hard.
Matty: Me and Jenna are OK.
Kyle: I was talking about you and Jake.

Lacey: Do you love, or do you love?
Jenna: What in the hell are you doing? Are you trying to humiliate me?!